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Excess of nasal liquids

My wife (11 years with a slow evolving PSP) suffers fromproducing large excess of nasal liquids (or semi-liquids)! That affects her respiration obviously, specially at night. And it seems this excess tends to invade her lungs.

We tried many nasal drops without much success;

Has anyone tried an effective product in that regards.

In fact she is also producing too much liquids as a whole: saliva, tears. So a product that could be effective for all of that would be beneficial;

We tried "Astragalus" based on a recommendation given this board but it did not produce much effect.

Thanks for any help.

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My husband was like this. He had patches of Hypocine (?). They did help him for a while especially with drooling and nasal problems. The tears never truly went. They saw people either cry or laugh. If it is tears from the eyes due to an infection you can get something from the doctor. My husband didn't use anything apart from Optrex spray which helped when his eyes went dry. Hope that helps a bit?

Marie x


I found out the tearing problems stems from not keeping the eyes fully closed during sleep. The lower part of the corner dries out causing the tearing. We had to go to a neurological ophthalmologist to find this out. The treatment is an eye ointment that is 3% mineral oil and 97% petroleum jelly. Plus hot compresses on the eyes though the day. I started out doing the eye ointment and compresses 4 times a day. Now I only do it in the morning. The supranuclear part of the name comes from the eye problems.

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As for the excessive salivation my husband with PSP had that for years.When he was in the hospital before he passed away in July of this year,they had a suction wand hooked to a machine (similar to what the dentist uses) and I had looked them up online to see about getting one to use at home.I did find them available online and the best one that could be used either plugged in to electricity or with battery was around $60 if I remember correctly.Unfortunately he never made it home,but if he had,that machine would have been a big help.Hope this is useful. Janet

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