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Is this the end?

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My mother in law is only 62 & has been in a full time care home for the past 4 years, she was misdiagnosed with Parkinson's about 7-8 years ago, she is now totally immobile & the was in hospital with a bad chest infection, they said they tried to treat it aggressively but it hasn't worked so they have discharged her from their care today after writing DNR in her notes & said its so she can be comfortable in her own bed, does this mean it's almost the end of the road? Because I can't see a bad chest infection which needed hospitalization getting better on its own. My husband has been to visit her tonight & she just slept the whole time he was there.

Any advice would be great, Thanks for reading.

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It does sound like the end I am afraid. If the infection is still there it seems as though they have sent her home to die. I hope I am wrong for all your sakes but I think she needs someone there 24/7.

Marie x

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Thanks for your reply marie_14, I thought it sounds as though it could be but then talk ourselves out of thinking like that & she’ll be ok just like she is every other time x

I can't see it getting better on its own either.

Our experience was that when there was a chest infection, you get onto oxygen, have lots of physio to help clear in the lungs and get IV antibiotics Ceftriaxone, Metronidazole also Tamiflu in case it is a virus and not aspiration pneumonia.

Nebulize with Acetylcysteine, Pulmicort, Saline and Salbutimol (NOT all at once but one of them every 2 hours)

PEG feeds every 2 hours not 4 so there is a reduced chance of aspiration

We survived 14 bouts of pneumonia over 19 months and it gave us 3 more cruises plus lots of other outings, shows, walks, another Christmas with the children and grandchildren.

It was worth it but a lot of constant work.

Recovered from final bout of pneumonia only to catch an infection in the treatment room at the hospital which was fatal. I think we could have only beaten about one more dose of pneumonia though as Georg was really weak from the most recent attack and though he was fighting very hard, he was almost worn out.

Good luck, I hate PSP.

Wow 14 bouts of pneumonia, Your George must’ve been a fighter! Glad yous got a few more holidays before his time came,

My mother in law isn’t on a peg feed but has now been eating small portions of soft food and it’s slightly more awake than she was but she still needs antibiotics & oxygen, still unsure if she will pull through or not.

Thanks for the reply, hope your mother in law pulls through, eating small portions looks like a good sign.

Unfortunately the darn disease always wins in the end

Good luck and stay as strong and positive as you can-but that's easier said than done.

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