Fast track success!

Having spoken to Beacon again, I just called the CCG to ask for their reasons for refusal. Long delay in taking the call....then I was told that there have 'been some developments'. Senior management have reviewed, intervened and have said this will change the way they do things. They've approved it. Feeling floppy with relief. Thank you all for keeping me propped up!

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  • Wonderful news! Pat yourself (and helpers here) on the back. Then take off your hobnailed boots, put on slippers and get out a glass of wine! When you have time that is!

    Celebrating with you. Hope it smooths the path for you both!


    Jen xxx

  • Doing a massive Happy Dance for you all....x

  • Well done 👍 👍👍👍

  • Good job and Congrats!

  • Great news xxxx

  • S I am so delighted for you and your family. Well done for battling on. I sincerely hope the powers that be learn a big lesson from this! There doesn't appear to be anyone with any common sense in the organisation. However they are not the only CCG like his! It seems to be endemic in CCG land that you don't use your brain, and hearts don't appear to exist! Perhaps we should make a map of the country with those who are good and those who are bad on it? Maybe by highlighting this total unfairness in the system we could shame the powers that be into learning lessons? Nobody should have to go through this hell?

    Back to you and your Mother and Father...good luck! Let's hope everything goes alright for you now. Let us know when you get your Father out of hospital? Or if they start messing you about again? In fact if you need us get in touch. We are all on your side. Maybe you should tell them that too!

    A big hug to you all but especially you for not giving up.

    Marie x

  • Wonderful!

    We are so happy for you both.

    Did Beacon say anything useful?

    Had you told anyone you were going to complain?

    Do you know what caused Senior management to step in?

    Sorry for all of the questions.

    There might be something useful for us all here.

    This has brightnened my day


  • I'm trying to find that out as I'm curious too. I'd told the PALS manager that I was prepared to go all the way, and was writing to my MP and would also contact press. She was also preparing a complaint on my behalf as she'd read the Fast track guidelines on Govt website and had told the Discharge top bloke about it - how wrong it was. She was furious on our behalf. Beacon said there was no way the CCG could refuse it, just plain and simple, no way, it was unlawful. They suggested I call CCG immediately and ask for their reasons. When I called CCG, there was lots of paper shuffling and silence, and 'oh we must get the right person to talk to you'....more silence then 'there's been a development in your dad's case...' They said that senior management had attached a note to the file that said this should change the way they do things from this point on.

    Spoke to the PALS manager again, as I assumed she'd submitted the issue to the CCG but she hadn't. So I don't know what exactly it was. She's calling back in a mo so I'll ask her if she can find out if the discharge manager had anything to do with it.

    They really seem to be jumping around now though - the discharge manager has assigned a member of staff solely to the task of calling all the carers in the area, and he himself has assured me that he will talk to the local hospice this afternoon to see if we can get our first choice, their specialist palliative carers, and he said he will personally oversee everything to the last detail to make sure we're happy and dad is treated right from this point on. It's only taken 10 weeks! I should think so!

    Unfortunately, we're back in the hands of the hospital discharge team now to source the care, as Staffs CCG don't have their own carers (that's what I was told by the CCG bod).

    When I think of the awful suffering my dad has been through due to a) inaccurate social funding assessment which affected choice of care home and b) care home neglect which almost killed him then c) total lack of awareness of PSP in hospital and finally d) the total fracas of getting him out and all the lies and incompetency etc.......I really can't believe it myself. My dad deserves the best now, lots of love, comfort and care in the time he's got left.

    My mum has just said will I please write a heartfelt thank you to everyone on here who has helped or left a kind and uplifting comment. We're more grateful than you can ever imagine!

  • We have the hospice palliative care team [ without all the palaver you had ] and they are brilliant. They care for Chris efficiently and lovingly. Hope you get the same. You and your mum need a glass to celebrate but it should never have happened !

    love to you all. Jean xxx

  • No worries

    It would be good to hear more if you find out what triggered the change of mind. Someone must have said something, perhaps about the path you were about to adopt.

    The CCG normally find the placement. They have contracted beds in nursing homes and lists of all of the agencies. Usually they bash a fax (yes, most still use faxes!) off to every agency on their books with a brief outline asking for any with capacity to contact them. Maybe its the hospital discharge team who do it where you are. After their behaviour you may well be better with the discharge team... They will want the bed freed.

    Anyway... Thanks for taking the trouble to come back with all of that.

    We are still grinning from ear to ear here.

    Well done!



  • Thank you! We're rather happy too - if a little knackered!

  • Ok - just spoken to PALS manager again and it turns out she forwarded the Dept of Health Fast track document to the Discharge Liaison manager, who then got on the phone to CHC and leaned on them. Apparently, he was on the phone for a very long time, and at the same time, the PALS manager phoned everyone she could think of in CHC dept and left messages about how out of order and unlawful they were. So for that, I'm very grateful.

    She's just told me they've called 19 agencies this afternoon and no one has the capacity for 4 visits. The hospice agency can't do it either. They have another 20 agencies to call tomorrow, and the single member of staff will be on the job until it's resolved, so she says. I've suggested they try a multi agency arrangement if one agency can't do it all. Still feeling hopeful..would've been so happy if the hospice team could have stepped in, but him being home is the important thing. I'm still a bit confused about this 'emergency care' that was mentioned a while ago - we were told that this would cover until local agencies could step in, but it doesn't seem to be forthcoming or available now. I suppose again it's down to capacity. It is frustrating having the hospital arranging things instead of CHC, but I'm told there's no way around it. Also been told that dad's application should have been sent to Telford CCG NOT Staffs, as it does't matter where he lives, just where he IS. More misinformation in this whole sorry affair!

  • WOW - all very confused.

    I have never heard of a PALS worker doing that before. She must have put the wind up them is she quoted your plan. Good for her!

    Yes, there is a Emergency step in home care service which uses GP referral. It is normally a crisis service. The other service is from the hospital discharge team who usually have some carers as well. The idea is the discharge team get people home and assess them there prior to putting other services in if needed. I expect if they still exist they are very overstretched.

    Just make a note of this in case you need it:

    In 2003 'Who Pays' was published. 'The Who Pays' means Which CCG Pays.

    The water was muddied a bit in 2016 when more was published to un-muddy some of it. (Sic) But I don't think those changes apply here.

    Essentially in your case the liable CCG is the one where his G.P resides, not the area to which your Dad is being discharged if that is different again. And, certainly not the one where the hospital is if that is different from where he lives.

    These regulations were brought in part to stop CCGs moving patients to other areas and handing over funding responsibility. Its known as dumping. Your hospital seems unaware that they are walking into the very situation "Who Pays" was written to prevent.

    Do your folk know anything about the procedures and protocols?

    Hey ho, sit quiet eh?



    Edit: Being nice they probably are just too over stretched after constant staffing cuts and usually it is the older higher pay grade staff who know the regulations better who are pushed out.

  • Kevin that's all very interesting! Knowledge is power? Found out tonight that UNISON is so concerned about Social Care they are working with some councils in the North West to sort out what is going on. Goodness knows how long this will take but it's a start?

    Might contact them and tell them my story and the stories of others who have been left high and dry.

    Interestingly, it seems some firms such as BUPA are funded by hedge funds! Needless to say they want money for their shareholdersc and don't care how their care homes are run? It is all a total disgrace.

    Marie x

  • Hi Marie

    Gosh it desperate if the Unions have to step in to help. Yes, why not contact them.

    Unfortunately most Care and Nursing Homes are private and profit led. Liz was in a BUPA home for respite and it was clear that they were allowing the fabric to deteriorate (Heating stuck on max in some rooms which were sweltering). The CQC is all that rotects us very often.



  • Whoop whoop! Should bloody well think so too!! Well done! But sorry you've had to endure this unnecessary stress!! X

  • Thank you!

  • Hi sasmock

    What fantastic news a very WELL DONE 👍

    Hope they get there finger out for you quickly then you can relax a bit more knowing your dad will be home

    Love and wishes to you all

    Sue x

  • Thank you!

  • Sasmock that is absolutely brilliant news. Well done on your part for being strong and not giving up. So very pleased for you. JX

  • So glad it`s all come right for you but you must be exhausted !


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