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Things to do

We also found PT, OT, speech therapy and a few Parkinson's exercise classes (dance, yoga, etc) helpful in the initial phase - something to do and until he bad fall in April, it had made a real difference for both is us! We have spoken to a few social workers and hospice nurses to make sure I am clear on my moms wishes for the end and to talk about her sadness and fears.

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Good luck to the two of you your mom is going to need you and your going to need her.

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Best wishes and stay strong.

My mum was diagnosed approx 7 years ago ( originally as Parkinson). She started walking and would walk almost 5 km or more at a brisk pace daily. strangely she never fell while doing this activity. all falls occured while moving slowly inside the house. Anyway I feel that the walking gave her a lease of life and delayed the onset.




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