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Im back been unable to log in

Many Hugs to all I have missed you and hope all is well. My Aunt Bev is still hanging in there, I still get the middle finger when she does not like what im doing or have to say. Cant wait for winter to get here cause i am tired of messing with her lawn, cant keep up with the weeds, I do not know how she once had it so beautiful. But let it snow let it snow so I wont have to mess with it till next year

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Taking care of house and yard is overwhelming. Glad you could get on line. My husband is getting in a bad mode the last few days.


Glad to see you back, Kryste. I have wondered how you and your aunt were faring. I like winter, too. The chores become much simpler. Love, ec


You are one of a handful of people who can't wait for winter....I love the snow as well....for about 3 to 21 days.....hahah

Well I am glad to hear you are back...alot has changed since the last time you were here... nay in the last 18 months!

I hope you are giving your auntie the peace sign every time she gives you the other sign.....




Wonderful to see you back online.


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