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Sweet cravings

Does anyone else have an overwhelming urge to eat sweets/chocolate ?

Admittedly, I have always had a sweet tooth, but these cravings are something else ! I could quite happily eat chocolate/cake/sweets all day long - any tips for this please or my dentist will be getting very rich soon and I'll be needing a whole new wardrobe having gained 21lbs in the last 18 mnths

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Hi my husband eats sweets and chocolate a lot, I spend about £20 on sweets and chocolate in my shopping every week for him, if he runs out it's as if the end of the world has arrived, so I have to run to the shops to get more.

He lost a lot of weight, due to not being motivated to eat, but now I serve him his meals and then he can have his chocolate, so he only gained the weight he has lost so far.

I just think not much else he can have and do for pleasure so why not, have what you want enjoy xxx

Helen xxx


Hi Julie, have had the same problem. Now have determination to fight it. Get some chromium picolinate tablets. Don't think they will react with your other tabs, but best to check. It takes a couple of weeks to start to act but should help to reduce the craving.

However, you deserve some enjoyment, so don't give them up all together!


Jen xxx


Thanks for the tip - I wont be giving it all up in a hurry !


I think my sweet tooth is linked to sleep deprivation!! There was a programme on TV recently talking about the effects of sleep deprivation and weight gain associated with high sugar intake was discussed.

Not sure what the answer is. If you crack it do let us know

Love Tippy



Hi! My understanding is that this is very common. It may be due, it has been suggested, to a general diminishment in sensitivity to tastes, which the sugar stands up to. My sweetheart loved his desserts and treats and I was happy to encourage it. It made him blissful - we loved what we called his "blissface" - and gave him some weight to lose when eating became more difficult. I say enjoy! Love, ec


Try to always include some protein with your breakfast, or first meal of the day - this will help to reduce sweet cravings. Eggs instead of cereal for example, or a smoothie made with some good quality protein powder in, if that's easier. When you eat sugar on an empty stomach, or on its own, it causes a sharp rise in insulin, which pulls down the blood sugar levels too quickly. This in turn causes the brain to 'throw a strop' because it can't sense any sugar in the blood and drives you to eat some more. Eating protein first can break the vicious cycle and reduce the spikes of insulin and blood sugar. It really does help! Something else that's really important - when you eat a lot of sugar, you use of a lot of magnesium, which is super important for responding to stress and keeping things calm in the nervous system. Without knowing which meds you're on, a safe way to get it would be to use a magnesium skin oil, or by having Epsom salts baths or foot soaks. The magnesium goes through the skin this way and is often better absorbed and used than synthetic supplements. Hope this helps. Sarah x


Thanks for the reply Sarah - really interesting. the only "protein" I tend to eat at breakfast is peanut butter !!!

I'll definitely try the Epsom salts bath - can I get them from Boots ?

I've been out and bought the chromium tablets as suggested in a earlier post by Jen.


It's cheaper to get bulk Epsom salts online, as Boots only sell in small quantities. You need two mugs full for a bath, ideally mixed with half a mug of bicarbonate of soda. So you get through it fairly quickly!

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Thanks ! x


My dad loved his sweet stuff - even when being told off by my mom! I used to say, let him enjoy his sweets, who knows how long he'll be able to. He so enjoyed tiramisu and when he could not go to his favourite restaurant anymore, I learned how to make it. With extra amaretto of course. He said it was better than the one in the restaurant. To which I said, well, you're only saying that so I'll keep making it, you flatterer :-)


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