Peg, how do you keep the mouth moist?

My mum had a Peg fitted 2 weeks ago, she has been nil by mouth during this period and really struggled with even a small amount of thickened liquid. I don't want to risk aspiration, but have any of you tried something to keep the mouth a little moist. We're having to do suction and cleaning of really thick saliva a couple of times a day so making the mouth even drier.

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  • I bought a small fine spray bottle and sprayed a fine mist into my husband's cheek several times an hour, every time the suction pump was used. I also bought mouth care sponges from the internet which I moistened with water and wiped around his mouth. At the day centre, the hospice used vaseline wipes but he hated that. I used lip salve for his lips. Mouth care is very time consuming but necessary and I felt well worth the effort.


  • Thank you so much. I thought of a spray but thought that it may be too much. I'll get all the things that you have mentioned. I just feel so bad when I have drink that mum must also be thirsty, you're so right it's definitely worth the effort.

    Thanks once again, your advice is always spot on as usual. xx

  • Hi

    I bought mouth sponges too off internet and also a very soft tooth brush and do his mouth every hour and he also has a cough assist to help it up to his mouth

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue. What's cough assist?

  • It's a machine with suction that helps him fetch up his mucus and then you are able to clean his mouth a what's in you can get with either swabs or tooth brush

    We got it from hospital last time he was in and helps him

    Sue x

  • Oh a suction machine. We've got one of those. Sorry, I think I was having one of my moments, thought I'd missed something important.



  • Any tips on closing the mouth, mum's mouth is open nearly all the time.

  • I cannot answer that sorry that I haven't come across somebody on here may be able to answer that one

    Sue x

  • I think I'll write a post. Thanks

  • Synthetic saliva is a prescription item which your doctor should be willing to prescribe for your mum. It can be used as often as required and relieves the dryness of the throat and mouth. Hope this helps your mum. Jx

  • Started using the Artificial saliva few days ago, mainly before bed for now. Dad says it helps. His doc got it for him. I am pretty sure there is a over-the-counter spray also.


  • Thanks Ron. Can you still use it eventhough there is very thick saliva already there. I guess I'm just worried about dryness because we're having to use suction a couple of times a day sometimes.

  • What dad uses is a fine mist spray, I spray it on the insides of both cheeks and not down the back of throat area. I don't see why it would cause any more issues then your mom has now.

    The idea behind the product is it adheres to the surface like normal saliva would, coating the tissue so it doesn't dry out as fast. In theory there should be little to none running down the throat. Everything looks good on paper though......


  • That's great thanks alot Ron. Things have moved so fast over a period of a couple of weeks that everything is much more complicated. We'll give it a go.


  • I used, with a mouth swab, Biotene mouthwash, glycerine, and a minty lotion designed for the purpose at various times. All helped. Mind you, my guy seemed not to feel discomfort as acutely at that stage, although he was always very stoic, and so I might not have known. Peace, ec

  • Thank you so much. We've been so organised but the speed of everything had just thrown us xx


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