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Question on DST form for CHC assessment


Hi All, our neuro nurse has asked me to fill in a page of the DST form for dad's assessment. I haven't a clue what to put! The question is "Summary pen portrait of the individual's situation, relevant history and current needs, including clinical summary and identified significant risks, drawn from the multidisciplinary assessment".

Also: "individual's view of their care needs and whether they consider that the multidisciplinary assessment accurately reflects these"

Is it really that basic - ie, I just 'tell it like it is' or have I got to look out for putting something that could throw a spanner in the works? The neuro nurse said how careful the wording has to be, then left me to it! Since her visit, dad has deteriorated hugely, he's in respite this week and has UTI and choking on everything, so urgent new SALT assessment needed. Haven't a clue how we'll cope when he comes out next Wednesday! But pretty much everything we discussed at the checklist meeting is now out of date as he's so much worse. Where do you start in writing it all down in just a few lines? Feeling confused/tired/etc..... and probably asking questions with very obvious answers!

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May I suggest you read the related post at the top of this page, some of the post relate to the problem your dealing with , and you will find some good advice on how to deal with your we all know psp changes from day to day , if not hour to hour , yet we havent got that far along this psp journey, but each day I can see changes in my husband...good luck hope you can find a solution from the experience of other posts....Brenda. .x

Sasmock why on earth do you have to do it? It is meant to be the nurse who does this? Or it was when my husband was assessed. Look at Kevin's posts as he has written lots on this topic. I am sure it will help you.

Marie x

Can I ask is this for fast track CHC ?

Is this the assessment to see if your dad is eligible to be assessed duh what a system. If you have to do it then please read all the "tips" as advised by Beacon. The worst case scenario. Choking, vulnerability, sight problems, bottom ie prevention of sores, eating or lack of, feeding, incontinence, either or both, balance issues, standing, leaning while sitting, meds, cant think of any more.

Get local hospice involved if you have one. Got us fast tracked the day they came to see ger.good luck.


I agree with Duffers. Get the Hospice involved or ask at the nursing home that he is in, for advice. They will have dealt with CHC before. I never had to fill in any forms. The district nurse did one assessment, then the CHC team sent someone to do the actual form. It was my community nurse from the Hospice that got the ball rolling.

Just remember, it's always worse case, even if something bad happened only once, act if its regular. Steve once went into the medicine cabinet and took his pills out, when I wasn't around, but couldn't say if he took any. I did play on that a bit. The thing I remember most, it was the predictability that Steve was going to be unpredictable, that scored a lot of points.

One other point, you getting CHC funding actually saves money for the NHS, so don't get into the mind set, you are asking for something over and beyond.

Lots of love


I didn't have to fill any forms myself, the hospice completed it and then discussed with me and the Speech and Language Therapist added nots too. Hope that helps.

K xx

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