High Blood Pressure

I have done quite a bit of research about this disease since my mom was diagnosed in March. I read one research article that states that uncontrollable high blood pressure can be an early symptom. My mom suffered from this for years before she started falling or any of her other issues (dry eyes, hoarseness, coughing). Has anyone else had this experience? Her blood pressure would run 180-200/90-100 despite medications at times.

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  • Dad has his blood pressure checked every time nurse comes. His has been basically normal, a few were a tad low but nothing to worry about.


  • My husband's is always normal also. But I did find this in the Journal of Molecular Sciences, It may give you the answer you want.

    Hypertension and Dementia: Epidemiological and

    Experimental Evidence Revealing a

    Detrimental Relationship Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17, 347; doi:10.3390/ijms17030347 mdpi.com/journal/ijms

  • My husband's blood pressure was always low and never changed through his illness.


  • My husband's BP was always low. It is one of the indicators for PSP I believe.

    Marie x

  • My husband's blood pressure was slightly raised so his GP started him on Candesartan. Nurse and GP check it at each appointment and all well so far.

  • Mum's blood pressure was high until it was managed, it resulted in a number of mini strokes but there was never any indication that this was happening until she had an MRI.

  • its comman in psp

  • My husband has always had normal BO and now its slightly low, when standing him up, if he has been seated a long while (or snoozing) his can be prone to fainting.

    He is mildly asthmatic and can suffer anaphalxys

  • That's interesting. I've just lost my mum and her blood pressure was always on the low side-in fact she was incredibly healthy. BUT she had had suffered a lot of trauma. I wonder if this played a role.

  • my moms BP was always really low too until suddenly it seemed to go high overnight. My mom had been through a lot of loss and stress in her life. I always wonder if that was a trigger.

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