Power pack!!

Power pack!!

Morning everyone

Power pack fitted new lightweight chair as well, first journey out to the shops , what a difference, able to walk from home through the park , stop and chat with people, and i did not even know i was pushing the chair.

I have really missed walking, having to take the car everywhere, just nice to wander together in the sunshine.

Have the best day you can

Happy today

Julie x

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  • good news. and you have the weather to take advantage.

    did you have to buy the pack ? is it very heavy ? i am toying with it too.

    love, Jean x

  • Hi

    Yes cost £600 , dinky little battery not too heavy, TGA was the company , i looked on line and did research but needed good after care, works for us.


  • thanks. I will follow up.

    Jean x

  • Look at him....! he's about as independent as he can get all that and 2 liters of milk! You go Rog and now you CAN go Julie more power to ya....

    Happy back at ya!


  • I see he likes the same tipple as me. Bottoms up...... Brenda

  • Wonderful news Julie! Thank you for sharing! Can I just ask does Rog have a seatbelt with that chair? I can't begin to explain how absolutely vital it is, that it is fitted and used at ALL times!! X

  • Yes ! He was just about to get out !

  • Thank goodness you use it!! X

  • Great news Julie, it's such hard work pushing a chair especially in our area where it's all hills. Will make taking him out much more pleasurable.

    Love Kate xxx

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