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What's next?

My beloved had to be taken to emergency room on Monday night with breathing difficulties.I thought pnenumonia but no.It is the hateful disease alone (plus they say COPD) making it so difficult to breathe.I'm afraid the end is near and have prepared the children(both adults).But then again from reading posts here I know some have recovered from this stage.He is still in hospital now,breathing gets better,then worse again.He is supposed to go to a nursing home today for a 21 day stay. I just don't want him to suffer!

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I am so sorry for both of you. I understand what you mean about the suffering , both physical and mental. I wonder what my husband thinks when it takes him so much time to speak. Does your man have breathing problems from aspirAtion, or does PSP cause other problems that makes breathing more labored .

Good luck to you.



Karyn,it is not aspiration as best they can tell.What I truly believe is that with PSP the brain is not telling his normal breathing reflexes to breathe. Same with swallowing,and with balance,and on and on.Disconnect between the brain and the rest of the body.It is horrible isn't it!

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Oh Jan I am so sorry. It doesn't sound very good but many people have gone through this and come out the other side. Maybe he will be one of the lucky ones?

Marie x


Yes Marie,today I left him with hope in my heart that he was doing much better!


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