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Thank you  one  and all for  the  advice and suggestions  you have made. I have  come to the  conclusion  that I have  to take  the  bull by the  horns  and be decisive  and  firm  so I will say to V 

"Si vous voulez sortir puis les pullup botty blotters sont nécessaire " As she  doesn't speak French  there will be  no tears or tantrums . Good  scheme.........? Watch this  space .

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  • Yes, that should work ;-)

  • I'm watching!  I'm sure V will soon get used to them and they have stay dry liners so it's better than sitting in wet pants.  I tried several different sorts for C before he had his convene and settled for Lille classic form shaped pads.  I found them easier to get on and off than the pants.  May be easier with a skirt instead of trousers though.

    All the best.


  • That's what is get for John Bev .

  • Made me laugh Dad, thank god for your sense of humour, thank god for you!!! x

  • Here here.

  • Excellent... I'm sure it will work.  Maddy

  • I don't speak French either, but my gut reaction is 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓!!!!

    I think I am right, but you had better check, but I am sure you can get convenes for women as well!  Not sure how they work, I would think fairly uncomfortable, but might be worth looking into!!!  Check with the DN's.

    Lots of love


  • Heady, I have seen convenes for women.....mostly women who are on the road alot...like truckers etc...I can't imagine that ones cab doesn't smell like the urine that missed the convene!  And really can't imagine helping another person use it... But they are out there!!

  • Oui qui est une excellente solution - maybe a trip to Paris for the next outing?!

  • Not only a Poet but also a Linguist !! x 

  • That made me laugh, Georgepa.....good luck anyway....it will find a way of working out.


  • Will she say " oui oui "

    Good luck.

    love, Jean x

  • Thats terrible  , made me laugh though .

  • Brilliant Jean x

  • Cela devrait fonctionner, ce taureau est le vôtre!

    Bonne chance,


  • HA!  Thanks for the laugh, and good luck!!

    After 2.5 months with a catheter my guy is back to the botty blotters - great phrase! The catheter became dislodged so I removed it, and he just didn't want to have it replaced. So now  I "double bag" him, as I say,  and put a guard in there, too.  I prick holes in the guard and the first panty as some wise person here suggested,(THANKS, whoever you are!!) so the wet wicks through, and we get though most nights with just one change of clothes, sometimes just a change of the underthings.  So far it's working really well.


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