This is unreal

There is a care company that has said they could maybe pick Archie's care plan up but they want (because they are not local ) to make it worth while? For somebody to sit from 9 till 2 then back at 5 till 9 daily .I must admit I'm gobsmacked and that's a first for me

So 10 hrs per day they want to sit around just to do meds and in between another comes and helps with personal care

Has anybody else heard owt like this before

Sue x

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  • Sue,

    Remind me - Aren't you on CHC?

    Care Agencies should not be dictating service accorsing to their needs, but accirsing to the patients needs.

    When I have telephoned around looking for agencies I have come accross agencies apologetically saying they are only taking on clients who need more that X hours a day. However they should not ever fit the client into their commercial needs. It should always be the other way around.

    If you did get CHC then there should be a needs assessment with a care plan and the CHC should be finding the agency.

    Do come back and tell me the score and I might be able to make a more precise comment.




  • Hi Kevin

    We have got fully funded chc

    I will ask s/w tomorrow on score cause our hasn't come yet

    She was finding out more to see why it's like that I think it's a bloody cheek I know we need the help at set times but it would do my head totally if somebody was here near on 10 hrs a day . I would have to put on door ever open home

    I will let you know when I find out more

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue

    It does not work like that.

    There should have been a "Needs Assessment" as part of the CHC Assessment.

    From that they derive a "Care Plan" in collaboration with you. A full discussion. It is formal, not just a chat.

    From that they, not you, commission the agreed care.

    I am cheeky and so I tend to find the "are to meet the agreed care and then telephone apologetically and ask them if they agree.

    You need to telephone the CHC and ask them about the "care plan". They maybe deduced it from the assessment. (Which is not correct it should be done in discussion with you). But at least they should talk and agree it on the telephone.

    So, before you call work out what you want... Early hours toileting, getting him up and bathed, coming back to feed him, a night time call to bathe toilet and bed and most importantly of all someone to sit with him so you can get a respite break three times a week. Think about what you need. Respite should be in there: I get two hours Monday, three hours on Thursday and another three hours on Friday.

    When you are agreed they will go and find an agency to fill the agreed "Care Plan."

    Use the terms I have given you here. They will know you know the score if you do.

    I do hope this helps a little.

    And, do not let them drag their feet. Telephone every other day to ask them about progress.

    Best of luck



  • Hi Kevin

    The care plan hasn't changed from before his peg

    4 xper day x2carers

    1 1/2 hrs morning 1hr dinner,tea and bed the only difference is to do peg feeds and medications

    I have 8 hrs sits per wk over 2 days and 3hrs cleaning

    Sue x

  • I am hoping for more sits I get two three hour no cleaning etc . Who gives the peg feed , not the carers surely . Do u get night sits

  • Hi again

    No night sits

    Sue x

  • Does that mean they would be fpthere for the feed times

  • Hi cabbagecottage

    Yes they are there for feed and meds and personal care too

    I also have 8hrs per week for sits already over two days

    I've been looking through my posts and a lady called kelly55

    Who replied to one of my posts and she works in Cardiff and a discharge nurse with you living in wales it might be a though to contact and ask her

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue that's very thoughtful x

  • How would it be for maybe two days , would enable you to get some jibs done or even pop out .

  • What Kevin said, Sue....I;m just a lowly American wondering how I';m going to pay my husbands hospital bill....but It does sound like K1 knows what he's talking about


  • Hi avb

    He certainly does I always appreciate his comments cause I can then go to whoever and voice it and I always appreciate other people's comments too

    The thing is I've had care 2 yrs and awarded chc 3weeks ago and I've never heard anything like what this company are wanting

    Sue x

  • that sounds all muckywampus to me.... ;(

  • New word for me, but I guess I don't need a definition. And I bet I find an occasion to use it today! Love it!

  • New word for me too. I always try to make a point of learning something new each day. The whole ordeal sounds like B.S. to me and you know what they say: If it looks like B.S., sounds like B.S. and smells like B.S. ... then it's probably B.S.

  • ...then it's probably muckywampus!

  • ... muckywampus it is.

  • i had 4gotten that saying!! daddy TO

    Lol JILL


  • I just love that word! We get so much of it in our situation too! X

  • Sue Kevin is the authority on CHC in England in Wales slightly different as it is District Nurse led and the care companies can only provide the service that you and the DN have agreed not the other way round. Before you approach the care company discuss the care needs: your husband needs and what you want, with your DN. I like Kevin's roll play on the phone to try and get your way.

    Good luck and best wishes Tim

  • Hi Tim

    Thanks for that I do take advice from Kevin always spot on

    Sue x

  • Did the care manager join u in the CHC meeting. We have another meeting in the 24 th the manager will be here .she will let us know if she can fit in any extra be they give it to me.

  • Hi cabbagecottage

    No we got refused in December then reviewed last month when things changed and got it to fully funded our care package stayed the same as before and feed and meds are included

    Sue x

  • Hi C-C

    Are you in England?) I'm being careful, now, Wales is different.

    If so - If you are eligible for CHC it depends on need and not what they can 'fit in'.

    Make your case on need. And, need includes the carers needs.




  • I've live in Wales ... have d CHC for fourteen months .

    I am the only one allowed to feed John , we have been refused the peg so far ,

    They think too much for him he is bed or chair bound , . We have carers three times a day . I see to him myself to go to bed ,

  • Hi Cabbage Cottage

    I don't know the Welsh system... but ask, always ask. My Lizzie will not let me feed her, she gets embarrassed and chokes. So now once a day we have a carer to feed her. The other meal is finger food.

    We need to get what we need to keep caring. But you know that.




  • Thanks Tim - Yes, England only I'm afraid... I'll be more careful on that in the future.



  • Where do u live ,

  • Hi Cabbagecottage, in North Wales near Rhyl, where are you?


  • Newport Gwent .

  • Hope your experience with Welsh NHS is as good as mine, and M was not a one off with a good team helping rather than hindering her care.


  • We had this issue too when I was trying to arrange care for my husband after a long stay in hospital earlier this year. I tried 3 agencies who had nursing care and personal care available but all wanted a minimum of 4 hours for visits because of travel. Our hospital had a really helpful department which assisted me in looking and we did eventually find a care (personal care only) company willing to do 4x 1 hour visits instead and that works well even though it is a bit hectic as I work full time. We now have chc so we will wait to see what happens next! It is so challenging to plan when their condition is changing and deteriorating all the time. My husband has CBD so might be slightly different.

  • Hi rowan

    Yes a nightmare

    The chc coordinators up to press have tried numerous agencies who deal with peg feeds etc but it's the problem of they have to be set times cause he has some time critical medication

    Hopefully we get sorted again shortly

    Sue x

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