Talk about putting your foot in it!!

Just had my nice young man come to do the garden. I went to pay him and saw he was a bit sunburnt and looked a bit hot. Guess what I said? 'You look hot'!!! He looked at me a bit strangely and said: "you mean sunburnt" and I said: 'yes but hot too'!! He then said:" oh right"! Then I realised his hot was not the one I meant!! So I said I mean hot and bothered!! πŸ˜‚ So then he smiled and said:" oh right,"! To be honest he is very good looking but I am definitely old enough to be his Mother and maybe his Grandmother! πŸ˜‚ Better watch what I say to young men as their understanding of the English language is not what I was taught at school.

Must say I have been having a laugh since!

Marie x

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  • That's the sort of thing I'd do Marie! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx

  • Pat thank goodness it's not just me! I ended up telling him he needed to put sun block on! He told me had some cream in his van and it was 15. So I told him he needed 30 as he is very fair skinned. He said I sounded like his Mother! πŸ˜… If I tell my daughter this she will disown me completely! He does her garden so I asked her to get him to come and do mine a couple of years ago. Noticed someone else hijacked him as he went to his van. There are a few of us getting older now. Although to be honest I am sure I could do it myself like I used to do. Just too lazy! Couldn't do the trees though and for some reason I get brambles in the back garden every year so he will have to weed it all. He might send his Father after today? I will have to get my Granddaughter to tell me what words mean these days and make a list!!!

    Marie x

  • Fantastic Marie!! Do you think he'll come back again lol x

  • Amanda he might send his Father?! πŸ˜€ I think after he told me I sounded like his Mother we are equal? Lol

    Marie x

  • That's me all over... your not alone. Grins


  • Kevin thank goodness! It must be an age thing? Hot was not used that way when I was young! πŸ˜€. Let that be a lesson to you!

    Marie x

  • I'm sure he will have enjoyed the joke once his brain cooled down enough to use it ;)


    It is so like the things I say.

  • I have been joking with the young lady physiotherapist that I see........ asking "are we going to be holding hands this week ?"

    This is because a few weeks ago she was holding my hand whilst we were walking trying to get me to swing my 'alien' arm.

  • might end up in the same position I did today wondering what I was talking about?! 😊 Aware we were not talking the same language even though we were!! ☺ Definitely going to ask my Granddaughter for a list of words they all use these days complete with meanings!!

    Glad you replied to this because it made me look up your profile. There I saw the most wonderful photographs and a video of our canals. I discovered you came to the city I live in and may have stayed the night by the look of things?

    You probably also stopped at Barbridge for a drink? Garry and I used to take our Granddaughter there when she was little. She loved to wave to everyone as they went past or stopped. Amazing that I keep finding links to people on here. They have either been to places I have lived in or live near places I have been to.

    You had a good time on your narrowboat. Did you go to the boat museum in Ellesmere Port? I haven't been there in ages although it's not too far away. Must go for a coffee and see what they have done since I was last there.

    Are you Irish or of Irish decent? With a surname like yours and a Christian name Patrick I am guessing yes?

    Take care and take photos as long as you can! You would get on very well with a friend of mine. I always told him to sell his photos but did he listen?! Have another couple of friends who used to be into narrowboats. Haven't seen or heard from them for over a year though. I don't think they knew how to cope with Garry being ill.

    Hugs to you and thanks for those great photos.

    Marie x

  • What City do you live in ........ ? I used to travel very slowly and spend a week sometimes in one spot, maybe you live in Manchester ?

    I never got to Ellesmere Port ( I can't remember why I didn't get there )

    My great grandfather was Irish and I have a sister named Brigid .

    Here is a video of one of my summer trips whilst living on my narrow boat...... The border terrier belonged to my eldest daughter Emily who came up to visit when I was on the Lancaster canal. I looked after her dog for most of the time while she was working.

    Not very good quality ..........

    Speak again,


  • I live in Chester. I noticed a couple of photographs including our famous Eastgate Clock! If you had gone to Ellesmere Port Boat Museum you would have passed the homes of two of my friends who live on the outskirts of Chester and back onto the Shropshire Union! I was going to say I could have come to wave to you but had never heard of you then! Strange old world?

    Looked at your video and it's great! I would be very happy to be able to compose a video like that. I chop people's heads off when I take photo's! Garry always teased me about it! I am getting better since the grandchildren arrived but not anywhere near your standard.

    So your Great-Grandfather was Irish? Where was he from? I was born in Dublin but have lived in England for just over 50 years now! Garry my husband was Irish too and was in the RAF which is why I ended up here. The other Marie has Irish connections too including an Irish husband! She is the sensible one and the quiet one!

    Bet she doesn't say the wrong things to young men!! ☺

    Marie x

  • I did moor in Chester for a few days and loved the walk around the castle walls but because I needed to go down a flight of locks to Ellesmere Port and then come back up them, I decided not to.

    I am not sure what part of Ireland my great grandfather was from, I will have to ask my eldest son if he knows ........


  • Well can understand why you didn't do it! I have actually been on that stretch oif the canal but can't remember us doing that. Wasn't navigating though and it was a few years ago!

    Glad you enjoyed Chester. It is a good walk around the Roman walls. The Castle walls are not open to the public yet! Wonder if they will ever be?

    It's a bit like Toddington Manor in Gloucestershire. Will Damon Hirst ever finish it? Maybe it will be finished in my Grandchildren's time? I really wanted to go inside it too! Oh well, that's life?

    Hope your son knows where your Grandfather came from. I used to be really into genealogy until Garry got too ill so I gave up. One day I might go back to it again!

    Take care of yourself Patrick.

    Marie x

  • Patrick, I looked at your video so beautiful. Like your hummer. Thanks for sharing

  • Ooooooh Young Maaaaan, bet he thought you were a right old cradle snatcher, very funny though!

    Kate xxxx

  • Kate

    Well he has been doing the garden for 2 years. Never told him he was hot before though!! 😊. Now I will have to watch what I say to him! Thank goodness he didn't appear fazed by it apart from momentarily! Bet he has women tell him that all the time! πŸ˜‡

    Marie x

  • Oh Freud would have had a field day with what you "really meant"haha ...and remember gay isn't what it was when they were just happy~haha


  • Just as well he is not around now isn't it?

    He is very handsome but apart from trying once to convince my daughter that he was very good looking have never thought about it. Had a bit more to think of? She didn't seem interested in him! He is an engineer but helps his Dad with the business after work. He used to talk to me and ask for advice about girlfriends bet he won't do that again? 😁

    How are you doing Andrea?

    Marie x

  • I would up his hours and pay, quickly. Nothing like a bit of eye candy, to turn a girls head!!! Enjoy your laugh Marie, we all need it.

    Lots of love


  • Anne I agree, he is very easy on the eye! Thank goodness I won't have to see him for another two weeks though. He was very keen to cut back the Leylandi and other shrubs too though...after I had told him he was hot! He might have forgotten what I said by next time? 😁 Thought I would share with you all as we all need a good laugh?

    Marie x

  • Well really Marie. Conduct yourself as they would say in ireland. Lol the other one.

  • Do you know other Marie, I haven't heard that for years! Do they still say it?

    Marie x

  • What are you like hey. Just the sort of thing I would say. I'll message you later. Hugs Tillyhugs xxx

  • That would be nice Tillyhugs. Just don't ask for advice on how to talk to young men! 😊

    Marie x

  • Thats so funny,and just the sort of comment i would make!Good to laugh and smile it takes our worries away for a while x

  • Thank goodness there are so many people who would have ended up saying that! Makes me feel a lot better! 😊

    Marie x

  • Ha ha... I could see where that might be a little embarrassing.

  • Tim believe me it was when the penny dropped!! Then I started to tell him he needed his sun block on! He will think I am mad. He's probably right. Just as well I have been telling him what to do for the past 2 years? Hence the comment that I am just like his Mother. Or maybe he was telling me I was a bit old for him?πŸ˜…. Think it was the first one. Had better remember not to say the same thing to his Dad if he comes later in the year to trim shrubs and trees!! πŸ˜…

    Marie x

  • Your post made me chuckle I suspect your young handsome Gardner will dine out on the story of a client old enough to be his mothet "hitting' on him - I believe is the right expression!!!

    We all love a compliment even if this was not what you intended to say bet you made his day!!!

    Enjoy your garden and the eye candy in it, as others have said we all need a little fun


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