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Neuro team visit

So we had a Neuro team nurse visit with my parents at home last week.

They have made referrals to the district nurse, OT, speech and language therapist and dietician and are going to liaise with the GP to stop some of his medication - things like blood pressure tablets and statins. They dont think these are necessary as he's barely eating and his blood pressure is low.

They made some recommendations about equipment for him at home but didn't really have anything to add about his eating issues.

They are also arranging for a HCA to visit every 3 weeks to monitor my dad's condition.

They had a separate conversation with me where I pressed them for an opinion on my dad - they said that his condition was now advanced stage.

I asked their opinions about a PEG and they said that he might not meet the criteria. Does anyone know what the qualifying criteria are?

All in all the visit was useful in that we are having his living situation looked at and hopefully improved but we are all still really concerned about his eating.

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I think the dietician will give you more information on the peg and eating....all I understand about the peg is, the sooner it's fitted the better for the patient, however I don't have any experience of the peg as my Dad doesn't want it! I'm sure you'll get some more informative replies! X


Hi mp

My partner had the peg fitted 7weeks ago. He had it done as his swallow was very poor . He was on thickened fluids and puréed food for over a year but in the end it was a struggle to eat and drink even his meds had to be thickened.hes doing ok with the peg now

Sue x

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Hi MP. My hubby had a peg fitted this February because he was hardly eating or drinking and choking a lot. The only shame as far as I am concerned is that he didn't have it done ages ago. Get gp and dietician to organise for you. Your dad sounds about ready for it. Good luck. Marie


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