Inner strength

My Mum's inner strength never ceases to amaze me.

Following her bad seizure in February and being rendered immobile in its aftermath, today she has been able to get up from a. chair and walk around the physio gym with two of us. It made me really well up as I didn't expect her to be able to walk again or stand reliably even with two of us. She was just walking with two in the home prior to the seizure.

We have to celebrate these triumphs as it can all change in a blink of an eye as we know and I know that permanent immobility will happen. We've gone from the hoist to stand aid a couple of times to now assisted transfers in 2.5 months. If tomorrow she wakes up and that was it and the immobility is here for good I will never forget today and the smile on all our faces.

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  • That is so wonderful.

    And yes, I look at the strength and fortitude of Liz and am rather humbled.

    Thank you for sharing the good news.

  • She has dark days but then that inner strength kicks back in along the way.She didn't quite grasp what all our excitement was about. The physio though has been amazing and Mum really likes her so has helped enormously. We saw her a couple times last year following her hospital stay and then I asked to be seen again by her after the seizure to get her opinion on whether she thought she could stand again or not.

  • Wonderful - I did make me have a happy tear. Just like Satt below.

    Its these times that make all the care seem lighter.

    May we all have many such more moments.

    And good staff are something too. I could hug them all!

  • This physio has been the best professional to help Mum by far. Others haven't really been bothered such as Dr's.

  • Simply wonderful, made me cry, nice tears though x

  • Big hugs to you xxx

  • Well said, well done. Hugs, Ec

  • Thank you x

  • Lovely ❀ xxxx

  • Isn't it amazing how our standards for success evolve or change to meet the needs....I have a record of B's voice as we worked on his speech. I would read a sentence, and he would repeat it to me.....I was so proud of him....of course you had to understand his slurred speech to know whether he had progressed positively...

    Congratulations and I am so sorry the seizure seemed to take so much away....I hope she continues to progress....


  • Thank you.

    Thinking of you

  • Great. We have to treasure these moments.

    I agree that the courage is awesome. I never knew my husband had the patience he now demonstrates.

    love, Jean x

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