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My amazing Mum x

Thank you mum for looking after Dad with all your heart and soul as long as you could .

Your an amazing mum and amazing wife and and and amazing Nanny too.

We are all so lucky to have you and glad your all safe and getting well and better as each day goes by at home .

We all love you xxx

Your and Dad amazing soul mates xx

Thankyou mum and Amanda for everything you have done to take care of Dad.

Now you must both look after yourselves xxx love you lots xxx

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Hello Miriam

Welcome my dear sister lol

Me and mum are ok thank you

I'll see Dad tomorrow

You will now have a whole new load of friends to help guide you through this shitty journey x


I also think you must have a very nice sister ? ...Brenda.


Very nice




Chuckles and hugs


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Hello Brenda xx

Thanks for your message xxx

Lovely lady you sound to me xx


Thankyou .I do have my moments ,I was born a red head with a temper too match , over the years the hair has turned silver , and the temper lurks just under the surface. sometimes it explodes... Brenda. ...xx

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Miriam, you are Amanda's sister? Welcome to the site. Amanda is such a fighter. Amongst all if this she makes us all laugh. We cry with her too though. I think we do that with everyone at some stage. It's good to have you on board so to speak.

What a nice post too! Your Mum is indeed special as is your sister and of course your Dad. A special family.

Sorry you have had an operation. Try to rest and get better. It will soon be Summer...they say! I must have imagined the hailstones last night! ☺

Marie x ( the other one)!

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Yes indeed Marie, my sister !! I think she may be sleeping now, needs the rest after her op! Mums asleep too lol. Nothing good on tv so I'm reading on here. Thx you darling for your kind words! X


Hello Marie 14 (the other one)

I'm confused. 😂

Thankyou for your lovely message. I'll chat again soon I'm feeling unwell and tired just a week ago had a big operation. Sorry getting muddled abit at he moment.

Lovely for us all to be in touch and support one another Miriam xx

Best wishes and kind regards xxxx


Hi Miriam

You know, Amanda has been a beacon here as a carer fighting every inch.

She has been so supportive to many of us.

You and your family have been through a lot.

Too much.

You are an amazing family.

I hope we hear more from you.

We are in you corner.



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Hello Kevin.

Lovely to chat with you on this website.

You sound like you also have been a tower of strength to Amanda as so many others too.

Life has been horrible but hey from all the other posts I've read from people loved ones especially PSP has been truly horrific and so sad for them too.

So I hold on and we all must that we are all on this PSP journey and we'r all not alone and can support each other.

It's taken me a long time to be brave and come on this forum .if you see my very first post your see why !!

I'd love if you able and when have time let me know your story .

Thankyou for your kind words.

Best wishes and kind regards Miriam xx


Hi Miriam

Its a safe place.

There's a tell your story thread somewhere here.

Such incredibly beautiful lives, with suffering and bravery too.

Warm wishes



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