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Easter weekend happy times

Short trip to Edinburgh. We've just come back from spending easter week with my daughter and family she had hired a cottage in cramond village for a long weekend and asked if we would like to go .it's a bit apprehensive if m would cope as he gets very anxious these days . They had booked a hotel in Newcastle on the way up to break the journey so of we set on Thursday sat down to a nice meal at night I bet you can guess what's coming next my husband had ordered steak didn't want to make a fuss so kept quit (lesson learnt) he choked big time we were all thumping his back but to no avail a woman on the next table came overror and did the hienriks manouver on him and out it came .then the manageres asked if we needed paramedics .so we started the holiday with a bang .travelled the next day to cramond what a beautiful place it is we had a fisherman's cottage overlooking the water so it was peaceful and two floors m and me had the downstairs bedroom next door to our grandsons there was a bedroom and lounge upstairs so it was great to get away from TV for a bit. My is still mobile andas he was in my son in Laws car we had a break from one another but I stI'll knew he would be OK. We we to see the selkies massive statues made of iron with lights all over them with they switch on in the dark then on to the Falkirk wheel that's a feat in engineering m was OK for the rest of the time apart from a small cooking fit on a ham roll must be the Scottish bread lol anyway sorry for rambling just trying to pass on some happy times posting the view from our bedroom x

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Sounds like a wonderful time. Good of your daughter and son in law to arrange it, and bravo to you for going! Great photo, too. What beautiful skies and smiles! Thanks for sharing.

A couple of years ago one of my guy's daughters asked him to go to Scotland with her and her husband. I was terrified, but couldn't join them. He traveled there without much incident, with help and wheelchairs arranged ahead of time for the airports.

On the second day he fell in the bathroom in Edinburgh, badly cutting his head. Ambulance, hospital, scans, stitches, frantic phone calls to me. They wanted to ship him home right away, having lost their nerve. I persuaded them that to give in would mark this adventure as a failure for ever for them all, and so they kept on, did less but hit the main spots and stayed with relatives a bit longer than planned. It turned out fine, but we were all relieved when he was safe at home after!


Yes we were scared how he would cope but he did great apart from the choking he doesn't fall yet loses his balance when getting up but that's all we have another day trip to the lakes on sat on a steam train that was a joint 65 th birthday present of the children (40 and43) lol trying to get as much in as possible while he can . How is your husband doing ?

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