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Ottawa, Canada

My mom was only diagnosed with PSP about a year ago - having been declining without a diagnosis for several years.

The disease is quite advanced now - she sleeps 21 hours a day, uses a wheelchair when she is up, has lost a lot of weight, has dementia and is losing her ability to speak and eat.

Is there anyone from Ottawa on this board who knows of any resources in the area for information and support?


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I'm in Ottawa, as are my parents (east end within greenbelt) - dad has PSP. Unfortunately we haven't found any PSP-specific resources in town.

However, we have found more general resources, although it's taken a lot of time. The waits for any services these days is horrible.

Feel free to contact me directly and I'll try to help.


Hi Mary,

I live in Ottawa and my dad had PSP. when he visited me last year, I was looking for doctors/support and I found the "Alzheimer Society", they helped providing info/doctors/events for people with dementia. Try to contact them they might be able to help.

Good luck,



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