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Just got through reading about the cost of the Tomahawk missiles the US just dropped on Syrians, some military and some civilians. The estimated cost of each missile varies between $1.4 million and 1.59 million dollars. Using an average, why doesn't the US give each of us $1.5 million dollars while letting the Syrians sort out their own problems?

While I am writing this half-jokingly, think about it. I live in poverty, can't get the basics when it comes to humane palliative care, and will soon pass from this Earth without anyone really missing me. Why not use government funds to ease me out of existence? I am really getting delusional from lack of sleep since we don't really care for our ex-military injured policing the rest of the world, much less those losing our lives to this pernicious foe.

Got to get some sleep!!!!!


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  • induced psychosis.... probably what voted Trump in the first place...oh what am I saying...h'es just a puppet......

    Now you need to get some sleep....old yoga trick.... lay flat on back and starting from your toes tell them to relax up to your arches of your feet up to your ankles up to calfs to your knees , thighs hips etc... I would tell my daughter to relax specific muscle groups when she cou'ln't sleep she was out by her stomach!

    Good luck Steve...Good luck Syrians....Good luck US....Good luck world

    God speed all of us


  • Thanks AVB. Felt like I was really off then. Trump scares me and​ is going to be bad for the members here. Bet on that. As for the yoga trick, have tried it in the past and sadly I cannot concentrate sufficiently to make it work. I've been a might owl for 30 years. I believe the psychosis has passed for now and my stupidity appalls me.

    I agree that the world needs more blessings. Hope they arrive shortly.

    Thanks for the reality check.



  • When I can't sleep I drive a train through a very dark tunnel towards the pinprick of light!!

    Sometimes that works - but you may have to concentrate on the white dot!

    Hope it helps.


    Jen xxx

  • cool...That;s what wakes me ...if the economy is good there's a train at around 4:30 engineer was lovely in his beckoning of approach......others sounded like a boot stomping on your head.....We used to drive down the highway next to the Feather river in California(?) it had a longgggg tunnel not a train but the pin point of light was always afar off and ever closer.....It was such a long tunnel it had glass....just light your way.....

  • That's the one to think about! I used to travel to school on the train and there were 3-4 tunnels on way. Maybe that's where my thought comes from!


    Jen xxx

  • We don't have many trains in South Louisiana although I actually did drive a train for short distances when I worked for International Mud Company during the summer of 1980. Will try this trick shortly.

    Many thanks and goodnight.

    Peace and love,


  • I do that yoga trick every night. I combine it with slow deep breaths. Breathe in for eight, hold for eight and let out slowly for eight. Sweet dream! Xx

  • Good for you....Its midnight and im tired but not sleepy....maybe I should get off this machine and do the eight count.....

  • Sounds good!! Other thing I do is a 'plank' under the blankets! Keep body in straight line, balance on toes and elbows for 30 secs! Good for tummy muscles and quite exhausting so I relax after and generally fall asleep!


    Jen xxx




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