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Securing PEG tube

One of the health professionals showed me how to secure my husband's PEG tube securely by looping it back on itself and securing it in that position by using the screw cap at the end of the tube, looping its tag round the tummy end of the tube. This creates an "o" shape with the tube and stops it dangling down too low and getting in the way. We then just tuck it down the front part of his slip-on disposable pants. David has had the tube for a year now. It keeps him alive, just to listen to music and occasionally see the family. I'm sure he would say it has been worth it.

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Hi, gilman. That answers two questions recently asked, about securing the tube and if the PEG offers anything like a long term of survival.

My guy once indicated he would consider it, but now seems to view the idea with something like horror, although his communication is vanishing so dramatically it's hard to be sure of anything.

There is so little pleasure left to him; even music doesn't seem to interest him much anymore. Well, he does like a cuddle!

I don't know what I will do if the time comes that he can't eat and drink. I go back and forth.

I do know that whatever I decide, if I must, will be based on the collective experience and advice of this community, and I'm really grateful for that!


Hi Easterncedar, My Mum Diagnosed 4 yrs ago has always said she never wants the Peg....I dread the day My Mum can't eat or drink for already now this is all she has left of her life take this away I feel she is going to be kept alive for this dreadful disease to torture her for longer. I don't think I could except it I hope we never have to make the decision : (


I'm feeling exactly the same way. My Dad tells me regularly, several times each year, that he just wants to die. I, luckily. Won't have to decide about a PEG tube. My Dad has an Advanced Health Directorate, and does not want a PEG. I am really dreading the time I'll possibly have to watch him starve to death. Honestly, the only pleasure he seems to get out of life is eating.


Exactly how I feel. Without eating I can't see any pleasure in life for my husband as his hearing is also very bad.



You may also be able to purchase a little "pouch" that is on a piece of cloth that goes around the stomach. Tube goes into pouch with velcro fastener.


Can you tell me more about this pouch? I am interested because my husband's tube constantly dangles. I have tried various tapes but none are really satisfactory.

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You can do a web search for "PEG tube pouch." We bought one that was home-made by a seamstress whose daughter had a PEG. But I see now, ten years later, that there are lots of brands available from medical supply stores.


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