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Hi everyone, I had a phone appointment with GP today, he wants me to take my husband to the surgery for them to examine him, but that is very difficult for me to do, I find it hard getting him out if the flat as we have steps, he gets very anxious and constantly needs the toilet, and it causes me great anxiety, the last 2 times they have come out to us, but as we made it to the neurologist appointment ( with the help of 2 other people and the appointment was made months before so had s long time to arrange it) he decided we could get to the surgery. Should I have insisted he come out to us, I know they are pushed for time etc, I just feel like not bothering going at all just for him to tell me I kiss of old rubbish, as he won't even have read the back ground.


Am I just moaning. Sorry just fed up with it all, no one considers the affects on others.

H xx

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  • Hi Helen119,

    You should definitely insist that the doctor comes out to you, if he needs to examine your husband.Just tell them that it is too stressful for both of you to get to see the doctor at the surgery. My doctor has told me that we definitely qualify for a home visit any time.

    Take care

    D x

  • I would of insisted that the doctor came to you x

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you xx I will ring the surgery tomorrow.


  • Yes. Agree!!

  • No question, gp needs to come out to you and that goes for any further appointments needed!! X

  • Thank you, think it must have taken me by surprise, then I started questioning myself.

    Thank you xx

  • Definitely the Dr should come out to you. We phone the surgery and they call us back once we explain the symptoms they decide whether to send the matron or the Dr. Insist every time do not stress you or your husband as there is too much to stress about already xx

  • Hi helen 119. Stand your ground with the receptionists and tell them your husband has a terminal neurological disease which leaves him unable to go to the surgery and you need a home visit. They cannot refuse you. Life is hard enough without having to fight and argue with all thejobsworths out there. All the best. Marie

  • Thank you xx

  • So true, no one thinks of the others deali g with this horri le ilness.

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