Chinese Torture

My husband has suffered with a rash for the past 2 years. It has travelled around his body and when it seems to be getting better it appears somewhere else. It is so itchy it is like Chinese torture. He scratches it until it bleeds. We have attended the Dermatology Dept for 2 years but are no further forward in putting an end to this. In fact we seem to be re-visiting all the creams we have already used. The thinking is it may be neurological. Any thoughts - or cures? Has anyone else had similar?

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  • My love had a skin problem - extreme dry and itchy and scaly. Dr finally treated him for psoriasis, with daivobet. That helped, along with Pinetarsol. Smells lovely, if you like smell pine, and works on any itch! I can get soap tablet, wash, and a cream.

    Hope that might help!

    Otherwise, guess you have checked all other possible medical causes. Like the one related to chickenpox. My brain is out of sink today!

    Hope you find a solution. It is terrible to have an interminable itch you can't scratch!


    Jen xxx

  • Hi Jen. Thanks for taking the time to post a reply. It is much appreciated. He definitely doesn't need this along with all the othet symptoms of CBD. I will look into Pinetarsol. I hope you are well and looking after yourself. Best wishes. X

  • Thanks Pentland! Things on top of me at present! Have taken myself away for a few days. Summer still here this week! So hope to return with renewed vigour.


    Jen xxx

  • Hello Portland. My father had the same problem almost. After surfing the internet he followed a digestive system which was told to treat "candida". so I suggest you to read about candida symptoms and treatment, this might help:)

  • Hello

    Have U tried. Eurax He cream??

    It is very good and dose stop the itch

    U can buy over the counter in any chemist

    Hope this helps,

  • Yes my husband was driven mad with this. Like many PSP symptoms it seemed to be a phase which eventually passed (after about 18 months I think). The GP called it 'neuropathic itch' and seemed to think it was an inappropriate response from the immune system. Eurax cream did help but nothing really cured it until it seemed to cure itself.

    Hope he gets some relief soon.

    V x

  • That's very interesting, Vickie. I hadn't heard of neuropathic itch associated with PSP, although it's not surprising, I suppose. PSP strikes on every front!

    For myself, I have a pinched nerve in my neck, apparently, that causes a rashless and maddening itch on my forearm. It's been going on for more than a year, and is quite common, according to the doctor, in just that place. She recommended menthol or capsaicin cream, to mask the itch.

  • My husband who suffers with PSP recently had a terrible rash , it covered most of his body from his neck to his groin , no one knew how to treat it he was in hospital for 6 weeks , lost about 3 layers of skin -:( -:( it has cleared up but still no answers.

  • Thanks everyone for your input. I sincerely hope this dreadful rash does clear up by itself. We are off to yet another dermatology appt today. As my husband can't walk we have to get ambulance transport so it's all pretty stressful but has to be done.

  • My hubby has had something similar. Episodes of compulsive scratching to the point of bleeding, mainly on his scalp, groin and chest. He then picks the scabs!!!! It mainly happens at night and we have found Pirton tabs at night helpful plus all the usual eczema creams, psoriasis shampoo, an emollient instead of soap. It has now settled a little. I am convinced it is neurological as the dermatologist can find nothing.

    Good luck as others have suggested it may well be one of those phases that is what I am hoping too.


  • Yes I'm sure it is neurological. I just remembered that eventually he was prescribed an antihistamine tablet which he took at bed time. This had the dual advantage of making him sleepy as well as helping with the itching.

    V x

  • We had antihistamines but when we were given new ones they made his balance even worse and gave him hallucinations

  • Just a thought

    Shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful rash. Although shingles can occur anywhere on your body, it most often appears as a single stripe of blisters that wraps around either the left or the right side of your torso. Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster virus — the same virus that causes chickenpox.

  • Hi my partner has always got a rashy itchy back very strange x

  • If you google skin conditions.....There is so many that they have to alphabetize them ....I would go to a dermatologist and a neurologist to see if its just your skin or something deeper!


  • Thanks AVB. The thinking is that some of the rash is fungal but the itching on the scalp could be neurological as there is no rash just the itch. It looks as though my poor husband will just have to hope that it will eventually run its course.

  • Have you thought about acupuncture?

  • Hope things are improving by now. My personal experience of an itch seems to result from aging skin! I have tried light oil, coconut or almond or any body oil and that seems to help me.

    And yes, is an irrational need to scratch!!

    Wonder if the Pinetarsol has been any help!


    Jen xxx

  • Hi Jen. Thanks for taking an interest. We were back at Derm Dept last week and the thinking now is that where the rash has settled on his body it's fungal and the itch on his scalp is neurological. My difficulty is that I can't think what would help a neurological itch. Pinetarstol is definitely on my list if the body rash is not helped by the fungal cream. Margaret

  • I use Bonds menthol anti itch cream on my sweetheart's itchy scalp. It seems to help.

  • try grape seed oil

    i have gone over the wall with itching

    now use grape seed oil apply sparingly to area and

    take a tea sponfull in the evening and once in the morning

    after 5 day itching gone!



    cape town south africa

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