Black patch in eye and headaches

My husband has been complaining of headaches and a black patch in one of his eyes. The optician saw it today and said he would ask the consultant at the hospital if it was due to PSP. I said he would get better advice from the PSP Association. (Twice over two years the eye consultant told us that B did not have PSP and was irritated when we went the second time.) Friends, have any of you knowledge or experience about this ? We have a friend who had a black patch in her eye and it turned out to be a tumour. I think I'm hoping that B's patch is due to PSP!

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  • A coworker had something like a black patch and it was treated with only a little success with prednisone. Not helpful, except that it was neither psp nor a tumour.

  • I asked my husband when first diagnosed what he could see. He said he could see peripherally and I asked him if he felt blind . He said no just can't see what's right in front of him....I did not think it was a black patch per se, but I wondered if he had soem sort of something obscuring his view.

    You may want to take him to an ophthalmologist who actually deal with problems (diseases, tumors) of the eye itself. an optomotrist deals mostly with vision....

    It could also be floaters which are shadows of sediment floating in the cornea(?) I have those. Dr said nothing can be done....They are not terribly debilitating



  • Oh, has your husband ever had migraines? My guy had disturbed vision, like holes in his field of vision, he described them, with migraines long before he had psp.

  • Could it possibly be macular degeneration? Have to remind myself sometimes that the cruel truth is that our loved ones with PSP can still have other illnesses and conditions.

  • Yes i was thinking that....I could not remember the ophthalmologist would be able to find something like that..good call!

  • Thank you , everyone, for your replies.

    I think that the optician would have diagnosed macular degeneration . My sister in law has it and her optician diagnosed it.

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