PSP Association

National Institute for Health and Social Care Excellence (NICE)

NICE are looking for lay members to join the supporting adult carers guideline committee.

They are looking for:

People with a personal experience of caring for a relative, partner or friend due to illness or disability within the last 2 years.

A volunteer or employee of a relevant voluntary organisation or support group.

Interested? -

2 Replies

Love the name!!

Can't see many carers of PSP sufferers having the time or energy to devote to this cause.

Maybe this website should be mandatory reading for all committee members!, since it seems to be the 'safe port in a storm' for PSP and other degenerative brain diseases. I have learned so much from tne challenges faced by the carers here and the responses.

I hope that someone will come forward though, since it will benefit so many!


Jen - New Zealand!



You are so right! Maybe someone who used to be a carer for someone with PSP could do it though? It would be quite a coup to get PSP on the agenda?

Marie x


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