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Dad in process of being diagnosed

Hi there,

I am new on here. Recently my Dad was diagnosed with suspected Parkinsons, however it looks more like PSP. We have an appointment with the consultant in March. Now it is a waiting game. I look at my Dad and my heart breaks. He had a SAH 3 years ago which has left him with brain damage, dissabilities, aphasia and dysphgia...and now this...all alittle over whelming if I am honest. As soon as I thought life started to settle down this happened. I know we have a long long hard road ahead. So glad to have this forum of people to reach out to.


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Welcome! Sorry for the circumstances but this is a wonderful site with people who understand. PSP is rare so even the health professionals don't have answers. Here you get answers from experience and a lot of support when needed. Sorry you have to wait til March but I hope they can give you a difinitive diagnosis then. It's not a happy diagnosis but at least you know what you're dealing with. Good luck.


Welcome to a club no one want's to belong to. A wealth of information at your finger tips.Ask away.



I am so sorry you have needed to join us. However people on here are the best! Very kind and understanding, and crikey they know a lot! Lots of little tips that make life easier.

My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukaemia 3 years ago. I managed to get him to agree to get a second opinion and he was put on tablets new to the UK. He is now in remission. However in the middle of all this we were told he had PSP. So I know the devastation you are feeling. It's all so unfair isn't it? Nothing we can do however but be there for our loved ones?

Lots of love to you.

Marie x

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Welcome, Sabella, to this website. I am so sorry for this illness coming to your dad and your family. People are very caring on this website. My sister is 51 and was diagnosed with PSP in August 2016. I have found a therapist and caregiver support group helpful to me as well as this site. Also, lots of boxes of Kleenex. I hope your father and family will be surrounded by love, courage, strength, healing, and peace. It's so very hard to face and have hope, I know. God bless you. --Pages


Hi there, welcome to a great site that will give you loads of information and support. Boy you've had a rough time and Im not sure if this helps but This past year head been the worst Everton us too, we lost mum last February suddenly to lung cancer and within a week dad became ill so I then cared for him as much as I could with the help of carers Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer in July last year and PSP in September. Rubbish absolute rubbish and I haven't been on the site lately because it's been a bit of a rocky road recently. All I can say is enjoy the time you have with your dad store all the smiles you get and hug as much as you can oh and a sense of humour helps too. I'm passing on the hugs and love I have received from all on this site and hope you have friends and family that will be your support network and help you through the times to come. Take care xxx


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