Mum Passed away this morning 23 Jan 2017

Been a whole week juggling work hospital visits and home trying to sleep. runing backwards and forwards to the hospital to see mum for few hours after work each day

Mum choked on some food which went into the lung this then got infected and became pneumonia. She picked up in the week and the hospital started talking about liquid feeding at home. Thinking how can we cope at home with this challenge mum loves her food and tea with out the thickener. Have to be strict i said.

Then mum went for a turn and we were back to square one again.

the pneumonia had got worse and mum became unresponsive to the treatment all they could do was make her comfortable.

This morning we got that call from the hospital that no one likes to have telling us to come as soon as we can. A few hours after sitting at her bed by her side she slipped away quietly now to try to adapt to life with out her being around.

The house feels so empty with out her here just the tick of that clock on the wall seems to be filling the emptiness. Where do i start after ive finished crying and giving...

A poem i wrote a few months back ...

A quiet attack on the brain

Quietly taking life away disappearing like a train

Taking each an every cell in existence

Therefore needing more and more assistance

With each passing year

It slowly becomes more clear

Not so quiet anymore

But big and loud like a lions roar

You are still who you are

A Nan, a Mum, a Wife

It will never change who you are in my life

Love is still in it place

We can see it on your face

You the suffer and the ones who care

The struggles, the good times are ones we share

Sometimes we cry and shout or say this is unfair

But we still carryon and will always care

Some days are good these days are great

Some days are bad these days we hate

Friends and family are there for you

Some one you can tell stories to

The PSP Association is there for you

Providing help and support and research too

Poem by Luke Potgieter

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  • God bless xx

  • What a lovely poem, good Rest her soul, she is in a better place, sending you a big hug xxxxx

  • My thoughts are with you all after hearing that your mum has passed away but now no longer has to suffer the consequences of PSP. Lovely sentiments in your poem.

    Love Kate x

  • My heart goes out to you at this difficult time. May your Mum rest in peace, finally free from this evil disease.

    Sending big hug and much love.

    Lots of love


  • So sorry about your mum. She is at peace now. May you find the strength to carry on. Hugs and much love xx

  • Luke

    So sorry to hear your Mum has died. She is free from this evil disease now however? God bless her. God bless you too.

    I love your poem. She would love it too. I hope you use it at her funeral. Maybe people will realise how cruel this all is?

    Take care of yourself. I hope you have some friends and family to help you now?

    Marie x

  • Sorry for your loss, Luke. After my mum died, and I had come to terms with the loss, I found her spirit beside me whenever I had a problem or had a decision to make.

    I pray for you and your mum's spirit. Take care.


    Jen xxx

  • Lovely poem. Teary reading it. God bless. Marie

  • Sorry tohear your sad news.At peace now from all the awful symptoms of the disgusting disease xx

  • So very sorry with the loss of your mom, no more pain, no more tears, a beautiful poem you wrote. Many hugs to you. Nettie

  • Thinking of you . Good you can express your feelings in writing, keep doing it, its therapeutic. God bless. X

  • So very sorry for your loss.

  • so sorry for your loss, that was a beautiful poem, god bless her soul and her loved ones during this difficult time xx

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