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Choking on Saliva


It looks as though I will have to look into getting something to decrease the amount of saliva my husband is producing as he is choking on it. Has anyone experience of using patches and are there any side effects?

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B uses doesn't work very well.....

Look up patches in the search function and you will find lots of stories, good and bad, about them. Some folks develop strong allergic reactions, for some it works like a charm. We've been using atropine eye drops administered twice a day under the tongue and it has been nearly miraculous for almost a year with no ill effect. Luck came through for us this time. I hope you find something that works for your husband. The choking is awful. Oh, we did get a suction machine, which helped but was pretty disruptive. Then we got the prescription for atropine and retired the machine, at least for now.

Best wishes, ec

Pent land m has been on hyo scene 1mg patches he choked on his saliva about a month ago and was put on these ,he only uses half a patch changing them every three days. I was very sceptical but they have worked really wel,l at the moment he hasn't had any side effects but this week he has been taking off the patch on the third day early in the day complaining it's irritating him the full patch is about the size of a corn plaster x

My hubby hallucinated when using the patches and after a short time, became allergic to them, causing blistering of the skin and a red raw rash. Atropine worked for a short while, helping a bit but not much and the atropine made him sleepy. We used a saliva pump for over a year. We also used thousands of tissues over the years and he always wore an adult bandana to save his clothes getting wet. We did try several other meds as well but most caused other problems.

What works for one person, won't for another so it's all trial and error really but read the leaflet to say what the side effects can be as I hadn't connected the hallucinations to medication until he stopped using the patches and they stopped. A couple of years later we tried them again, but just half a patch and the hallucinations started again as well as the blistering. The medications were designed for other things, i.e. To dry up secretions during operations so used for a very short time, to prevent travel sickness etc. It was found that a side effect of some was causing a dry mouth so they are being prescribed for those with excess saliva although they weren't designed for that.

I do hope you find something that works.


Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. I will definitely be careful before we start with any medication. Even something as simple as dealing with excess saliva is a minefield. Thank goodness you are all around with great advice.

The neurologist strongly recommended Botox injections for the drooling and for the eyelids, which were closing on their own. My guy was very bothered about his eyes and wanted it done, and we had it scheduled. We were told the injections for both had to be done at the same time by the different doctors, three hours' drive away, so arranging the appointments was difficult. Then my guy had a bad fall and cut his head above his eyebrow and we had to cancel. Making the new appointments got so difficult that the delay went on and on. My guy ceased to be troubled by his eyes and we discovered atropine. We haven't been back to the neurologist since. Silver lining to that bad fall, I guess!

Anyway, you might look into Botox for the drooling. Just another thing that has worked for some folks.

Atropine eye drops have worked really wel for my mum she has been on them about 8 months

My mum was prescribed drops to go under tongue to reduce saliva, but she had a severe reaction with swollen lips and tongue and then rash. So we never tried anything else again.



Yes my wife has used them for about six months now and they do work for her but unfortunately they do burn her skin in the area of the patch and also causes itching on her back and chest but no rash, she has to take antiestemine tablets, but still not all that successful in stopping the itching. I still have to put moisturising cream on her .

I juice fresh pineapple ginger and two pears this seems to help the salva. Doctor gave us travel sickness pills but didn't what to go down that route. Hope this is helpful.

Christine47 in reply to Ovation1

That is interesting. My guy (year 5 since diagnosis) does not have any issue with saliva and I have been curious as to why. I have been giving him bromelain (from pineapple) since the beginning.

Ovation1 in reply to Christine47

Thank you for replying.I juice root ginger for his joints. I willlook into bromelain.

Christine47 in reply to Ovation1

We use ginger as an anti-inflammatory as well.

Ovation1 in reply to Christine47

We seem to be on the same wave length. I would rather go down the natural way then taking drugs that cause no end of problems.

Ovation1 in reply to Ovation1

I just started my husband on turmeric capsules not sure yet if they help but no harm in trying.

Pentland in reply to Ovation1

Hi Ovation1. I would like to try some of these alternatives. Could you tell me the purpose of the turmeric.

Ovation1 in reply to Pentland

Hi penland turmeric has many health benefits.I read that people in India do not suffer from brain decease like they do in the western world because their main diet contains turmeric. So I also take it because I need to stay well for my husband. Hope this helps.

Do you think this would work if it had to be administered through a peg tube?

Hi jessicajane. Sorry cannot help you. My husband hasn't got a peg tube not sure how they work.

My husband's hospice nurse suggested we cut out all milk products. This has seemed to help but it sure doesn't cure it. I found a coconut milk ice cream that is quite good. It suffices when A has a craving for ice cream. Hope this helps.

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