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Hello everyone. I don't post often but read daily posts but was wondering how people find the illness progressing in as far as their loved one beginning to slaver? Mam has just noticed this with dad I have not as yet. Is this part of the progression in relation to being unable to swallow???

Goodness I find this illness so heart breaking tears flowing so better go sort myself fir work. Love and prayers to you all.

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Hyperproduction of saliva is definitely a common symptom of psp, and problems in swallowing make it worse. There are lots of avenues to pursue in dealing with this: Botox, hyoscine, amitriptyline, speech therapy, for a few. You might do a search here and read what has been posted already. We have found the speech therapist very helpful, although with every symptom we are all fighting a rear guard action. The disease attacks on so many fronts and there is no winning, just delaying defeat, keeping a decent quality of life, for as long as we can.

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my wife who has cbd -has problems with swallowing - thoughts of gp was too much saliva - prescribed a hyoscine patch - put patch on 7pm - when awoke around 5.30 am the following morning her tongue was very swollen and found it difficult to drink. took patch off - called doctor who agreed that there was an allergic reaction. thought it would be worth a mention for something to watch out for if using this patch

easterncedar in reply to hoddern

I've been very reluctant to try it because of the risk of hallucinations, too.

abirke in reply to easterncedar

Well said ec. AC1, B has this problem combined with lack of swallowing so we got him physical therapy who gave us swallowing exercises. But the thing that has worked best for B is the suction machine loud as it might be! Alos make him "spitunes" for places like his chair outdoors and his bedside.

When he is out in public, make sure he has a hankie or a towel to relieve some of the saliva.

good luck to you and your family as you face this disease.


We aren't at the stage of excessive saliva yet but you should look into Serrapeptaze for reduction. I've no experience with it reducing saliva as of yet as I only know about it through research.


I have noticed that my husband who has PSP is producing more saliva (while sleeping) so I am have to change out sheets, pillow cases, etc. almost daily. We are in the early stages but PSP is moving quickly--there are changes almost daily. Very tough to see because he is an amazing, brilliant and strong man that has become so dependent and weak in just 8 months. Breaks my heart!


I am so sorry you are going through this. It's a journey we can not map. Mam feels dad is deteriorating again. I sometimes think I blank it out but I really don't, I have just developed a mechanism to be strong for her and my children. My dad is the most amazing man I have ever met. And I say is because he continues to fight this dreadful illness day by day and never complains. I sadly witnessed the saliva today..... I simply wiped dads mouth and continued talking in our company and squeezed his hand to reasure him, with out a blink of the eye. I will cry later as I do!!!!! xxx

We started to give my mother Atropine drops under the tongue. We also use a scopolamine patch behind the ear. It has helped with the increased saliva production. Early on we purchased a suction machine to suction the excess saliva. My mother is in the end stages of this disease. She can no longer swallow so these medications have greatly helped her. God bless you and give you strength.

Hi over production of saliva is common but the drooling is also possible indicator that the swallow reflex is deteriorating so monitor her weight is not falling, if it does get help from speech therapist and dietician. Hyocene patches are usual first step to stop saliva but with neurological conditions can cause bad reactions as drug crosses blood brain barrier one patch knocked my wife condition for a week after only a few hours. Get the doctor to try atropine or Glycoperonate as both good at control for a while but nothing lasts for too long.

I have some bibs and use balm covered paper tissues to help M manage the drooling.

Sorry not much help best wishes Tim

Thank you that's helpful x

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