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Good news: Did you know there will be an increase in benefit cap limits for outpatient therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology and occupational therapy for Medicare recipients in 2017? Once the caps are reached, there’s an exception process that allows for medically necessary therapy costs to be covered up to $3,700 (for PT and SLP combined, and also for OT), and a manual review process is available for medically necessary therapy services that exceed $3,700.


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  • Cool Christine, did you get a letter stating that you no longer have Private insurance coverage. For us it will now be through the state's "Arkansas Works Program" . They also said we are now eligible for free job search assistance and retraining! Oh goodie...Ok Bruce get your work pants on, no more just sitting there big guy....your'e getting a job! And I'll probably have to get one too! Might as well see what the ER has open since I'll be spending most of my time recouping dad after his latest fall at his new job!


  • UCLA cancelled its acceptance of our AARP/United Health Care insurance. Yes, that was the "gift" they gave us at the end of the year. Fortunately, SCAN was accepted, but it is more expensive for us. I have to keep reminding myself, it is a business, not care for patients in their time of need. My New Zealand friend keeps being shocked at how little care/financial support the US patients get. Yes, I am angry. "Insurance " in the US works only if you are well and don't need care.

  • So true . I've said it before and I'll say it again, I know elected officials believe that if you can't afford insurance than you don't deserve insurance! and yah you better not need insurance here!

  • Ao far our experience with Medicare has been amazing. I hope it remains the same!

  • Yes Medicare has taken care of our meds and drs. I don't want to sound too much like I am complaining , but they are the ones who got us on this present insurance and I don't really want to change to a "work insurance", since well, B can't work...


  • Work insurance?

    I'm pretty new at the Medicare stuff. I just switched my husband to a Medicare advantage plan. I know the area where you live makes a difference on what is available. What is the work insurance your referring too?

  • This is the 1st paragraph of my recent letter...from medicaid...not medicare...."You are not losing health coverage. We are writing to let you know that although the Health Care Independence Program (also known as Private Option) is ending, you will still receive the same type of health care coverage through the state's Arkansas Works program. Under Arkansas Works, the same benefit categories will be covered.....They then go on to tell me about the amazing work 'eligibilites' my husband and I are 'eligible' for.....

    I'm almost too afraid to call them and ask what are you talking about for fear of becoming ineligible for anything.....I have gotten those letters as well....

    "We regret to inform you that you have been denied services...".etc...

    We got Those letters for months and that was well after B had been accepted into medicare program....\

    Clear as Mud


  • Thanks, Christine. Good information, as ever, from you!

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