Hi, mum is getting dizzy and 'out of it during the day on a regular basis. She's taking 7.5g zoplicone for sleeping tablets, which actually only makes her sleep for approx 3hrs, so I don't think the dizziness is from those. Not sure if it's due to lack of sleep or could be connected to progression of CBD. If anyone has any experience of the dizziness I would much appreciate it.


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  • My mums main symptoms of psp has always been dizziness. She blamed low blood pressure for years. We looked at her ears / heart etc for years before her brain. So yes....I can confidently say that it is a symptom of psp! X

  • Dizziness is certainly a symptom of CBD and PSP and like SuzeW we expended much effort in looking for the cause before diagnosis of CBD and then PSP. Another feature was travel sickness, I live in a country area with lots of narrow bendy lanes and was regularly in the doghouse for making matters worse!! Trying to explain I had to follow the curves in the road didn't help much and was considered a mere excuse. My driving was compared, somewhat unfairly I thought, with that of my eldest daughter, whose driving 'never made her feel sick'. This overlooked the fact that she hadn't been driven by the daughter since the onset of the illness. C'est la vie! I wish I was still getting told off.

    Kind regards, Jerry.

  • Hi everyone. I haven't posted before and will give a biog another time. My husband is dizzy the whole time he is upright and his neurologist says this is due to his PSP affecting his eyes. He spends most of the day lying flat with his eyes shut. Not sure if CBD affects eyes.

  • As I pointed out before with CBD the patients experience a rise in blood pressure when they sit it goes up when they stand. It is quite normal

  • That might be the problem with some people but my husband has had lying and standing blood pressures taken and his is perfectly normal.

  • Seems in our case she has the most severe symptoms, you know the ones that when you read articles they are under 'in rare cases'. A few others are extreme anxiety, fear of being alone and obsession with the TV always being on..read that one in a study out of the US

  • M husband has news 24 on the whole time. So relate to that! I think the dizziness is not a common symptom from what I've read.

  • CBD does effect the eyes as they are no longer able to move them up or down and side to side. My mother in laws vision was also compromised got her a new pair of glasses, that worked for about 10 days grrr

  • Apparently my husband's eyes (John in future) are like a double squint. He used to read a lot but then couldn't do that but the optometrist put some prism film on one lens if his glasses and that seems to work.

  • Zopiclone is one of those drugs given to shut people up when they are in hospital or where ever and they are uncooperative. My father was given it when he was taken to hospital after a fall and all he wanted was to be patched up and returned home where he was caring for his dementia suffering, bed ridden aged wife of nearly seventy years. He had early stages of PSP which we did not know but he was sufficiently aware to know my mother needed him and he wanted to know what was happening to her. He came out of hospital as a jibbering, crying idiot and it took a very long time to get him re oriented again. It is a drug that should be taken for a max of four weeks only and it could welll be that it has an accumulative half life. I think its soporific effect would probably enhance the feelings of dizziness if that propensity was already there due to. PSP and CBD. It's effect as a sleeping tablet is short lasting but the befuddled state of mind it creates probably does nothing good to combat a feeling of dizziness. Probably adds to it I would think. Look it up on line. That will give you a clue as to whether it is suitable for your mother. All the best.

  • Hi, can I ask if your dad is on any sleeping tablets, and if so which so which ones. We went to the doctor today and they have advised tamazapan I know she's never going to get better, but I hate her just feeling zonked all the time :-(

  • I hear your stress over this. With CBD the anxiety is what usually takes over, my mother in law was on Zoplicone for a while with absolutely no effect on her it was like she was taking a mint rather than a narcotic really.

    I talked to many people about this, I am against any prescription that alters the mind BUT in the case of CBD/PSP/MSA etc the mind has to rest and so does the body. What woks for one may not work for another and I fought to find the right narcotic that would let her sleep and not feel like she was 'stoned' when she was awake.

  • Finding the one is hard 😞

  • Nader

    That is truly scary that someone would be given that drug! I try to avoid drugs at all cost because I worry about what they will do to me. I am struggling to sleep at present. This is only during the past two weeks, had no problems before then, and have wondered about going to the doctor. You have just made my mind up for me!

    Marie x

  • Hi SuzeHope

    Though it has been said here already:

    (This is what our Neurologist said to us).

    Dizziness is more properly called Vertigo with PSP.

    It is caused by that part of the brain which deals with balance being compromised, but it is still seeking orientation... So like a spinning compass it is all over the place.

    We avoid sedating meds where we can as it makes it doubly difficult for Liz to do the few things she can do.

    Hope this is of some use.


  • Hi SuzeHope

    I was told my our specialist that when patients with CBD get up their blood pressure goes down and when they sit or lay down it goes up. That may be causing the dizziness.

    As for the sleeping we solved that with 100mg of Trazadone, we found that if my mother in law woke up for any reason while she was asleep she could not fall back asleep, so we payed around with the dose until we found the right amount to make her sleep the night.

    We went through months of her only sleeping 2 hours at night and not even taking a nap during the day. FINALLY we found the right dose of 'candy' as she calls it to make her have a good nights sleep

    Anxiety is also another problem with CBD, is mum experiencing that??

  • Hi, mum is definitely suffering with anxiety, as I think we all are. I might mention trazadone to her doctor to see how it differs from tamazapan. Thanks for you comments x

  • My husband has been permanently dizzy, even when sitting still, for the past 3 years. His problems started when diagnosed in 2009 with an acoustic neuroma which is a non malignant tumour growing on the nerve that controls the balance. He now has a CBD diagnosis, so a double whammy! He is now unable to stand independently. His sight is also affected as he now has difficulty seeing at all so that also prevents him from balancing. This awful disease has taken away the independence of a very independent man. Someone please find a cure fast.

  • Hi Pentland, finding a cure would not be in the pharma companies best interest, currently there is no cure for any disease known to man that doesnt entail drugs. We are living in a pathetic world that consumes absurd amounts of prescription drugs.

    Please dont tell me that there is no cure for cancer!!!!! We know autism comes from vaccines, the flu shot actually does nothing, my cousin used to work for the biggest manufacturer here and would not take it himself. There has to ba a correlation between all the deseases we are facing and what we are consuming, breathing and drinking it's just no one wants to say it.

    This all angers me and we are just guinnea pigs to pharma companies, researchers and politicians trying to make the financial world go round and in the meatime innocent people suffer.

    Sorry for the rant, it may sound small minded, but it is my truth...God bless us all and what the generations to come will have to face

  • Hi Pzagy. I agree with you. For a long time I have felt that a lot of the world's illnesses come from all the chemicals sprayed on our crops in the fields then end up in our bodies. It seems hard to believe with all the research going on in the world that we seem no nearer a solution for any of the neurological problems. I know research is looking into the effects of out-of-control tau protein but it is all so slow and if we don't stop the chemicals entering out systems in the first place then what's the point?

  • i have dizziness from zopiclone

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