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Does anyone with PSP get dizziness when looking down?

I get dizzy when l look down for any length of time. I get a pain in my eyes and in my neck. Also my eyes start to get blurry close up when I look down. If I'm sitting and talking to someone I am fine but If I do something like dishes or making a sandwich it happens every time. I tend to sit with my head pointed up. That is now my default position. Sound familiar?

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yes i think it is part of the "downward gaze problem" which gets worse with PSP

I have soem probelms wiwth pain in my eyes when usign the comput ras i do not blink and the eyes dry

my eyes r also closing

\but the worst aspect is tha ti cnannot wear my contacts any more and my thick vari focals do nto do a s good a job ae tseeing

lol JIll


Hi Jill, still fighting hard against this condition, always good to see your comments, and i notice you never moan or complain - ma'am I salute you x


I do not have PSP, but I can tell you what my brother who had it told me. Yeah, you might get dizzy. It bugged him about eye control. Mostly because his eyes would get so dry, and not focus. He was a painter, artist, so that really hard for him. He was also most comfortable sitting or lying down. Standing was not his favorite thing.

He never knew he had PSP. Your lucky that you know it. Lost him 2 days ago, very peaceful.

Hope this helps


so sorry to hear that yr bri-other die d a few weeks ago

and htank you fo ryour jmesssages

good of you to offe rto help

lol jIll


So sorry to hear of your brother, my husband has eye drops for the dry eyes, but his eyes now seem to have gone into a "palsy" of their own, he sits with eyes fixed and glazed and can't seem to change direction with his eyes. just another downward step in the thing they call PSP.


Hello Mcfly and everybody. I lost my husband 4 weeks ago after a very brave fight against PSP. His symptoms actually started with dizziness and never left him. He experienced all the things you all describe. He too was an artist and not being able to paint or draw was very frustrating to him. The consultant suggested some Carmellose Sodium eye drops 0.5% to be used to help stop the dryness in his eyes. I would suggest that you contact your professional carers to see if they can come up with any helpful suggestions. Do get all the help you can.

with love



Eye issues are a major part of PSP. Looking down is one of the top things neurologists look for when doing an exam to find out if you have PSP. Also blurred vision or tunnel vision is part of PSP. Since the muscles to the eyes are affected by the part of the brain that PSP has in it's grip patients don't blink enough and dry eyes can be an issue. A stiff neck can be part of PSP but not all PSP patients have a stiff neck. I'm sure if I'm off base on any of this someone will correct me. Have you asked your neurologist about eye issues?


Yes When l look down my eyes closes and when I see objects in long distance my eyes automatically opens but i do no have pain in the eyes I do have neck pain . i suppose each case of PSP is differentIgo toa Aucupunture andit is effective . Iamin India coimbatore


I get dizzy when looking up or down. It seems to be a part of PSP. Eye movements are how the neurologist diagnosed me. There doen't seem to be anything that willl help it.


Yes I have to be careful with diziness expecially lookingg down There's not much u can do about it!


Thank you everyone for spending time answering my question. I am still at that stage where if I do things while looking straight ahead I feel ok, such as watching TV on an elevated TV, working on my computer, talking with someone who is sitting next to me. On the other hand reading a newspaper at the kitchen table makes me dizzy. I think my handwriting is so bad because I a'm looking down and getting dizzy. (even when i type this I can feel it)


Hi Mcfly - I responded to you on the US site about my dad- glad you found this site as well!


Does anyone else suffer from a dry mouth as well. Mum's mouth would be very dry as well and I wondered if it is connected or maybe an effect of the meds.


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