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Got her New Wheeles


Hi All

just got back from my mother in laws, WELL, she got her new wheeles a beautiful wheelechair wth reclining capability, head reast and a air seat that doesnt feel like your sitting on cardboard. It is amazing how once your in the system you get everything you need, at a price however. Apparently, this chair costs 4500 CAD but we may qualify for a 75% discount through our government. She is also getting a lift chair for the bathroom (we pay for that too) guess she is getting an early Christmas present from us...I also started a commissary account for her (funny I thought commissary accounts were for people in jail lol) so she can get her hair done and personal grooming.

AND are you all ready....she slept all night last emotions have been up, down, sideways and backwards it seems this week but I think we are all on this rollercoaster called life and have to go with the flow

Lots of love to all


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Well good for her...and for you. Now maybe your rollercoaster ride can be a "nice tour of life at sunset"


Good for her now she has the ability to be taken out when the weather better. Changes of scene lift the spirits for anyone especially PSP sufferers.


Dear Paola, where in Canada are you from. ? I am fighting for such a chair for my hubby with advanced PD. They say we do not qualify because it has been only 2 years since we got his first wheelchair. At that time he only qualified for a standard chair. It took 6 months to get a seating clinic to come to rural Alberta . This Tues marks the day. This will be the beginning of another long fight. ps If your mother in law is under a certain income bracket she may qualify for an exemption of shate the cost. One could get it in Alberta under AADL. (assitive devices for daily living. )

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Meant cost share exemption.

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Hi Noella21

We didnt apply for the first chair and all the other things she needed. When we arrived at the home, they told us her chair was a transfer chair. We knew this as when we purchased it for her she was able to somewhat walk with assistance. They told me that they would do all the paperwork for the subsidy I hope she qualifies, this is all new to us.

I think when you are in a home things run a lot faster and with much more efficiency.

It is really pathectic that they would refuse your hubby a new chair when he obviously needs one, the needs of our loved ones with these horrible diseases changes daily why can they not understand that???

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We finally got the seating clinic to come to our town and they confirmed that he needs a tilt in space chair. It has something to do with the degree of curvature of the spine and all kinds of angles and measurements that they took. So now we are all on the same page to appeal the 5 year ruling. it makes no difference whether you live in your own house or a nursing home the same rule applies in Alberta. The appeal could be dragged out till the five years up if they resist. Than I just have to keep badgering them until it becomes more trouble to deal with me than to get me the darn chair. I will get it .I have done this many times before my clients. I feel like I have been training for this episode with my husband's Parkinson's all my life. How do people who have no experience with the red tape deal with it? This site is a godsend to many. Kevin is amazing too.

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