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Hi All

We received the call that a bed was available for my MIL Monday, we grappled with how to tell her..I am not one for procrastination so I decided to let her know. At first she told me she wasn't ready and needed more time, we talked for a while and she realized it was the best decision.

In my previous posts I say always make her laugh, I will not leave her without at least a smile, well, yesturday we were rolling with laughter. It made me feel good to see her happy, even though I know that she nervous about going to the home.

Today I will be going to her new home and getting it ready for her arrival this weekend. My daughter asked to come as well so I will have help putting up all her pictures and momentos.

This is the next step on her journey, we have tried to keep her in her home for the last year but now it is getting a little dangerous to navigate the bathrooms and shower. She has had 24 care for the last year at home and she wants one of the ladies to stay with her at the home during the day as well...I guess I'm trying to let everyone know that it is OK to get the best care possible for our loved ones, even if it means putting them in a home...I was quite surprised to see her new home, it was like living in her condo without her own kitchen. We are allowed to decorate it as we please and bring her furniture in as well to make it feel like home. It's also close to home so daily visits will be no problem.....AND since most of the residents are Italian, they have made an Italian menu with real Italian ingredients for the residents....

She will make new friends hopefully and realize that she is nto being abandond, she is only changing addresses

Keep you all posted

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So when can I move in? I don't have alot of mementos but I do like good Italian food...and especially like not cooking!

I think you have done wonderfully by your mother in law. i hope everything goes well ...



i'm not doing this alone, there is a list of people helping her....I'm just the loudest lol.....

Going tonght to make it like home, just dont know how to post pics here


Good for you and your MIL! Some of these facilities are really quite nice and your loved one gets care and you get some relief. Your relationship will be so nice now because you are now the "fun" company and not the nurse etc.

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