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Dad was having severe constipation, up to 7 days. Even with lachulose twice a day and prune juice. No results. Even slow results with using suppository. Neurologist just stopped sinemet to see if that helps. It seems to have helped but now he has been unable to urinate and now has a catheter last couple of days. Urine test shows no infection. Waiting to get appointment with urologist now. Anyone else having urination problems?

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  • Oh my, just about everyone here has urination problems, although too much is more common than too little. I hope the urologist can help! All the best, ec

  • Agree with easterncedar. Hubby wears convene but the constipation problem is beginning to kick in with a burst of not being able to hang on. Its hard to know what to do for the best really. I do hope the professionals come up with a solution for your dad. Its just another misfortune that happens to PSP sufferers. Keep us posted. Good kuck. Marie

  • Just frequent visits to urinate ,found satsumas helped with the bowels and flax seeds

  • Sorry, Lucy, if your comment wasn't so serious, I would have to laugh. I think answer to your question is HUGE YES!!! Both bowels and bladder are the biggest thing in all our lives. Every day we struggle with either too much or too little and as for getting in the right place, forget!

    I have mentioned to the PSPA, that they start putting these symptoms more in their literature.

    You do need to see a Urologist who has knowledge of people with nuerological problems, same with the bowels. Good luck if you find them, we never have. S has had a Catether for nearly a year now. It is wonderful, also we have finally found a community bowel specialist nurse, who hopefully will make S's life a bit more managable.

    The problem is, the muscles in the bowels and bladder, are effected the same way as the rest of body with PSP and we know how much that can helped or controlled.

    Sending big hug and lots of love


  • Thanks for talking to PSPA about with rest of med community most of them don't know what's going on....

    Oh and by the way he does have a UTI....I think you told me he did when I told you about his arching neck and other wierd things going on....It's not a bad one a couple amoxicillin of mine started knocking it he's on his own stuff (they told me they would have solution by Friday).....It was the Tues as usual, I Had to treat him myself for the first few days .... started him on it Tuesday night ...stopped arching his back round Tuesday so good news

    So thank you being my doc Heady, and diagnosing his situation....

    Looking out for each other,


  • I glad it was that simple! But at the moment it seems, any one with a problem, it is a urine infection. I know when S had his Catether fitted, the nurse said about the increased risk of infection, I asked how I could tell. She replied he would go loopy. As yet, S hasn't responded that way to his infections, nor have most on here. Yet another thing community nurses no nothing about. Surely that is basic training, but what do I know?????.

    Lots of love


  • Well our nurse is really pretty good ....I believe she told me he may have behavior issues.....though behavior was not the issues more physical manifestation....I just read YvonneandGeorge's latest post....these people need to be shut down! I know there's a nursing crisis in some of these homes but it sounds like they are just getting people off the street to do the work of 10 nurses! I have heard of improper care and really rue the day B has to go to a nursing home!

    Love back at ya,


  • My Dad has been struggling with this too, Lucy. Nothing seems to help as it is another facet of this horrendous ailment.. many prayers and love to all of you struggling in the same manner xxx

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. Looks like no real answers to all the problems. I wish there was more known about PSP and how to relieve symptoms.

  • My husband had pretty much same symptoms . Especially with urine. Doc says it's a neurological response! So B is now chronically cathetered....That's what they call it ....I call it Permanent....He has responded really well to it and it took 3 months for him to get his first UTI which the dr. was certain he would get as soon as we started talking about such a solution. I'm surprised with all that old urine in him, he did not get one prior to a cath!

    Constipation is not much of a problem for us . Can your dad move a little independently? If he is bed and or chair bound, he may need to move those bowels through specific exercises. in bed or chair: Knee to chest pushing against a wall with feet or if standing , let him bend his knees and then straighten back up. Forward bends; sitting in a chair and with assistance, do some twists,; even walking...and of course lots of water! My son lives by flax ...but he does not have PSP! so I don't know for your dad...

    Do exercise with dad, plenty of water and make sure dr finds a solution for more than just one bowel movement, but for a "chronic" solution...permanent one to you and me!

    Good luck


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