What depression meds are the best for someone with psp?

My dad really struggles with depression. When I finally convinced him to take an anti-depressant, I did notice a remarkable change. Now it has leveled out to where he is depressed most days. He currently takes Cymbalta and Lexapro. I wonder if there are certain anti-depressants that work better for someone with psp or he needs a higher dose?

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  • My husband takes citalapram found them to be the best xxxx

  • Hi there. My sister ( with PSP ) and I just dealt with this topic at her most recent checkup with her neurologist. During our discussion Cymbalta and Laxapro were also spoken of as possibilities . We settled on Zoloft as it has very few side effects and is typically well tolerated. As with people who don't have PSP, treatment of depression and the effectiveness of treatment is quite individualized. Trial and error is the approach that is used. My sister will try Zoloft and see if it is helpful. And then there's the simple fact that having a serious diagnosis such as PSP, and being forced to deal with it is depressing !!

    Also, much of the way that we cope with whatever life throws at us, is obviously greatly influenced by so many factors. Plus PSP can even influence emotions directly by it's effects on the brain. So as much as we all wish that everyone who has PSP could be helped to a happier blue sky place in their minds with the aid of antidepressants, I think that we also know that this wish for them is not necessarily possible. BUT, I believe that we should keep hoping and trying on their behalf. I hope that between you and the doctors something or maybe more than one intervention, medical or not may make him feel better .

    Sending best wishes to you and your Dad. Elise

  • My J. Has CBD and has been on 75 mg. Of EffexorXR when he was first diagnosed with Early Alzheimer's in 2012. He takes it after breakfast. He has done well taking it. When a different doctor diagnosed CBD in 2014 he suggested staying on it.

  • I don't have PSP. but was prescribed Lexapro....only took half as I found it just put me to sleep! My husband who does have PSP, took sinimet? maybe that was for sleeping....


  • My hubby has PSP, but originally diagnosed with parkinsons and took sinemet for that, but now has an anti depressant called sertraline. You must watch out for hallucinations with some of the anti meds.

  • It is trial and error really like all meds. Mum is on a low dose of citalopram and tolerates it well. She has tried a few others and didn't get on with them. The PSPA association has a booklet for GPS that advises which drugs maybe suitable to try for different symptoms. Citalopram is one for depression mentioned.

  • Finding the right medication is as carehope, suggested... trial and error. I have a neuropsychiatrist as part of my care team. The other neurologists leave the depression treatment up to him, as he is much more knowledgeable in this PSP symptom. I'm currently on Nortryptaline and an Effexor "booster" Effexor alone did not work quite so well for me. And then there is the issue of possible side effects... the neuropsychiatrist I have found, is much more knowledgeable about those concerns. I'm also on Simenet... not for depression but for muscle rigidity and other Parkinson like symptoms.

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