Fighting -Part 2

Hi, thanks to my wonderful sister, I am feeling a lot better. Nothing like a glass or three of wine and a good natter!

Anyway, it's official, I have done something right!!! S had to go for a video thingy today, where they video food being swallowed. I happen to mention that S had put a bit of weight back on and the guy, yes a real live man, (sorry chaps!) actually said, I must be doing all the rights things for S, regarding what he is eating. Shocked or what????

Lots of love


Ps thank you everyone for your support yesterday. I really don't know what I would do without you all.

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  • Did you watch the food going down? I found it fascinating.


  • Yes, it was incredible. Sad thing it told us what we already knew, he must have thickened drinks and all food should be puréed.

    Bev, know that you are in my thoughts and I am trying to send all my energy across the ether for you. Please don't forget to eat, Colin needs you fit and strong more ever now.

    Lots of love


  • True all that Heady!

  • Thanks Heady. Your comment about eating is valued. Yesterday at 11.45 I realised I hadn't eaten since 7pm the night before so had brunch and in the evening I didn't feel like anything so opened a tin of soup. The abscess on my tooth didn't help. I've called someone in to sit with C as the tooth is coming out today so it may be soup again tonight.

    Oh how I hated our liquidiser which I constantly had to wash but Colin enjoyed his food so it was worth the effort.

    Your energy has reached me. I'm going to get myself some breakfast now.

    Lots of love


  • That's my girl! The dentist, Aaaaaahhh! Oh, I feel for you today. I know this sounds strange, but use this time on the chair, to switch off, take advantage of the anaesthetic and REST!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks Heady. I've moved my recliner next to Colin's bed so we can relax together.


  • Good news heady! Well done you!! And you, well you, support us all when we need it so no need for thanks!! You are a fabulous carer and wife and support to all of us!! Give yourself a big pat on the back or even better another glass of 🍷 lol x

  • HEADY:

    I am sure you are doing all things wonderfully, but a little affirmation goes a long way in this caretaker business, doesn't it? Makes us try even harder, huh?

  • I'm so glad you are feeling better, just a bit late seeing your last post, I'm in a constant muddle but I do think of everyone here, xx

  • Xxxxxi agrer cc

    Ol jilll

  • Were you there for the swallow study...isn't it cool how they can actually watch the food ....I could see how B's epiglottis failed to shut....and thus B could make the decision a couple months later to get Pegged!

    Heres to doin somethin right....!


  • Well don't me Heady nice to be told you are doing something right X

  • Well done heady. I actually refused this procedure for ger as I knew the outcome and was so frightened he'd have a choking fit while it was happening. It will be puree soon as his mouth is also closing fast. And sorry to say it is a shock when you get a pat on the back now because we don't get enough credit for sometimes knowing g more than the "professionals". I do hope you rewarded yourself in the time honoured way with a glass or two.

  • Or three!!!?

    Lots of love


  • Glad your sister was able to lift you out of the doldrums Heady you certainly are having a time of it. When I read your posts it makes me realise what is to come and I know I have to work on my fighting spirit and learn to shout and scream more. I am very good at pretending all is ok to other people and not asking for help and realise that is just not possible as this terrible monster gets its grip. I have had two of my sisters down the in succession and it was great, also made them realise what this caring lark is all about. Unfortunately all three of my sisters live at least 3hrs drive away as do our sons. Ben's only sister is in Scotland so has to fly down so I have to totally rely on friends to keep me sane but it is very different from your own family isn't it. I'm pleased that you have your sister nearby as it seems that S's son is reluctant to help out. I hope you are feeling calmer now and that the boiler will soon be sorted, these are the things that can tip you over the edge.

    Take care Heady

    Love Kate xxxx

  • That's my problem as well, pretending everything is fine and under control. Most of the time, it's actually true, just my definition and the rest of the world's has changed dramatically. Everything under control, means S is asleep, me being fine, well I'm not crying or screaming, so I must be! It's when I get to that point, you know I the one I mean, want to cry, need to cry, but know full well if you let it happen, it will be the last thing you ever do. Unfortunately I can't scream for help, because it's normally, when I am being used as some sort of kicking ball, by all n sundry!!!

    Still worse things happen at sea! God help them.

    Lots of love


  • Terrible things happen at sea but this must be on a par in its own way, caring day in and day out with little support. It is a long and lonely journey isn't it Heady.


  • Heady so happy you had the pat on the shoulder, means a lot doesn't it. Keep strong S son will be the looser, what can he say he has done for his dad? Even you glasses of wine xxxxx

  • 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

  • Understatement of the week!!!

    Still is Friday and it must be wine o'clock by now.

    Cheers Kate

    Lots of live


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