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Live in/24 hour carers

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Has anyone gone down this route as an alternative to a nursing home? Dad lives alone and really needs additional care now. Want to consider all options before deciding. Thanks.

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We haven't had live in carers but before our night carers started caring for my husband, they both worked as live in carers for others. Both said they enjoyed the job and are very caring. We thought about it for my dad but the care company we asked said they would be foreign girls and only worked for 6 weeks at a time, when they would be replaced by someone else. Dad didn't want that and had trouble understanding accents so decided he didn't want them after all. Our night carers at Slovakian and from Ghana but speak very clear English. They lived in for longer than 6 weeks so I think all companies work in different ways. Perhaps you could make a few phone calls to care companies. Not much help, sorry.


We have a live in career, it works very well, she is here for 6 weeks, she is absolutely lovely, I don't think I would of been able to cope without the live in career, I think George would of been in a care home, by now, it was hard at the beginning, but you do get use to it, if we have a bad night, which is often, one of us gets up the other sleeps , then in the morning the other sleeps, they have to give up at least twice a night, but our routine works for us, don't have to ask for respite because if I go away living is here, and our children come in for her 2 hour break. Yvonne xxxxx

That sounds a brilliant idea. So pleased it works well.


Hi Yvonne. Thanks for that. What happens after her 6 weeks is up? F

How did you go about arranging a live in carer?

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Do you have a night carer every night? That is brilliant if you do x

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Except Saturday when I get about 3 hours sleep.


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Spiralsparkle in reply to NannaB

Did you arrange that yourself?

Saturdays not such a great day then.

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NannaB in reply to Spiralsparkle

I was going to but when I told the hospice I needed to sleep as I was up at least 7 times a night for 2 years, it was they who set the CHC claim in motion. So I didn't bother getting anyone in as the CHC was decided very quickly. I thought everyone's CHC was decided as quick as C's until I read all the terrible posts about it on here. It is such an unfair system.


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Spiralsparkle in reply to NannaB

It sure is a horrible system than I keep putting off dealing with submitting an appeal.

Pleased you have got it sorted out.

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Cuttercat in reply to NannaB

I never sleep either!

We get another person for 2 weeks which is fine. We have 24 hour care 2 people coming in and three waking nights, care company arranged it, so Anna doubles up with the person coming in and no night sits, it works very well, I am still stressed but at least I have someone there helping me, takes 2 to put George on toilet would never be able to do it myself xxxxxx

Good that you have something that works for you all, and even if stressful at least it sounds like a good quality of care. x

Is this through chc Yvonne? X

No Satt x

Ok thx Yvonne gonna say that would have been to good to be true x


George gets the best care we can give him, he is at home, people coming in to help. DN and the Matron are unbelievable the care is so good from them, they are so caring not just to George but also to me. OT is wonderful and ST is also wonderful, we have be lucky to have the care we get, careers that come in are the best always ready to do anything we ask. I promised George that I would keep him at home and the set up we have makes it possible xxxxx

I have people coming in and out all day. Average of 5 to 7 and I pay for it!

Charles fell today so more doctor visits. Incontinence is taking over and there is so much to do. I will keep him at home if I can but here in the U.S. it's harder to receive help when you need it.

Believe me there is NO stone that I haven't turned. While I work we receive nothing, if I don't perhaps a little. Way of the world I'm afraid. But I'm committed to doing what it takes.



Any chance of getting a live in carer to look after me? Never mond V .

We had 24/7 caregivers for three years. Until March this year we had one man who stayed. They kept wearing out and we had to get new ones about every 4 months. I brike my tibia and have a plate and 6 screws in my leg do I am unable to help my husband Finally in march we found two men. One worked 4 days a week and the other worked 3. It was great. They were wonderful men and truly cared for my husband. It's the way to go I think. When my husband got sick I asked him what he would choose. He said home dino said absolutely. Luckily he had worked hard for his money and we could do it. In July He has gone ahead to heaven now.

Yes. My Dad was very against a nursing facility so we have 24 hour care, but with shifts, so one person isn't there for more than 12 hours. It works better if the shifts are 8 hours or less. My Dad can be very demanding and often his mood goes sour so I noticed the caregivers get burnt out. HomeInstead is the company we use now. It is all about finding the right caregiver so I would go with the company that has the most caregivers. If you use them 24 hours you get a better deal than hiring them hourly. Good luck. It is a process but very worth it.

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