Diagnostic Approach to Atypical Parkinsonian Syndromes

I am attaching a link to an article in Continuum, a journal for neurologists. It may give you more than you want to know about PSP and CBD, but it is my understanding that this is the current information on these conditions and treatments. It was posted on the yahoo. cbdg_support group site.



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  • Thank you Christine

    This looks really good

    My bedtime reading sorted out now :)



  • Thank you Christine...It's things like this and people like you who help us stay in the knowledge of our mate's illness....I'm going to read this now....i"ll be back.....


  • Thanks, Christine. Very interesting, if not encouraging, except to reassure myself that we were given the appropriate care in the early days, trying levodopa for a time and so on. I do appreciate having the benefit of your research!

  • Interesting paper though much seemed to be 'preknowledge' . Breaking PSP into variant forms of the disease was new to me and very interesting. Many people come here (this PSP site) believing that their mates had Parkinsons but years later were rediagnosed with something, dare I say, more horrifying. They are angry and distrusting of the doctors who claim one thing and then another. This paper defined one variant, PSP-Parkinsonism as the thing so many were first diagnosed with....this particular variant displays tremor, normal eye movement; is levodopa responsive and may have a longer life expectancy. Acknowledging that PSP-PD is a form that allows doctors to continue to look at their patient with new eyes and not just file them under DIAGNOSED will help patient, caregiver and doctor to understand and treat PSP accordingly.

    No matter what variant may be specific to a patient, the therapies are similar to ones used now; A multi team disciplinary strategy only promoting quality of life and not a cure. However this article and others like it continue to research , rediscover and find new areas (the six variant forms of PSP) that will eventually lead to a cure I am sure, of this horrid disease .

    Thanks again , C47 for your sharing your findings


  • Thanks for this Christine. I've read all the pages on PSP and will read the rest later.


  • Thank you. I really like when you make us aware of information like this. Please continue.

  • Thanks Christine, just had a read through it and am going to print out parts of it, ie. medication and multidisciplinary support which we are not getting.

    We or should I say 'I' will have to be more assertive.


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