liquid drugs?

I have been talking to dr about this subject to no really good avail until the other day. She ordered up valium as opposed to pill only of Ambien. then replaced Tamsilosin for Prostate reliever with Rapaflo or Silodosin that can be directed into the tube.....He was up evey other hour starting at 1:30 am trying to pee! So neither could he sleep nor relieve himself......Am I too soon to make judgement? Does anyone else have a better drug solution? By the way it's almost 3 pm here and he is still in bed! By time he's up he shoould be getting to bed...missed the gym!

AVB Help!

PS...has anyone considered using biofeedback?

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  • We tried biofeedback, but to no avail, two years back. Even then my sweetheart couldn't integrate the responses well, but then, much as I liked the therapist, the program and equipment were distinctly primitive. It was interesting, anyway. You might have access to better therapy?

    All I know is that every symptom gives way to another. I feel that we wasted a lot of time trying to treat incontinence that was never going to respond to intervention. It was having a catheter that got my guy to stop responding to urinary urgence. Then we got rid of the catheter. Now he rarely notices that he wants to urinate, so we sleep through the night. Mostly. . Good luck. Ec

  • So for you it was the temporary catheter that maybe got him to "reorganize". Good to hear someone has tried biofeedback! It does seem like one "must be a master of their domain" for it to work!

    Thanks, ec


  • Exactly.

  • Hi AVB change of meds can cause side effects as one type wears off and the other builds up. Keep going but try increasing water flush in the PEG a little, sounds extra torture but should get the urine to flow if not contact Dr.

    Hope it clears up without too much problem.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Ok. He gets about 2 litres a day...I wasn't sure rather to reduce or give more....thank you!

  • 2 litres about right but do not try too much more, say 2.2 litre max over the day. If no results by Mon he will need help from Dr probably a temporary catheter. Hope he started, Good luck Tim

  • Yes he says he goes but flushes toilet before I can get an estimate of quantity...I step outside....for a "wee" bit of privacy...I might ask him to pee in a pot to msr today's worth....He was up all hours last night.....again....nothing new to most of you but I almost had that under control with the Tamsilosin ....

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