Have I gone completely insane???????

My last week or so, have been a nightmare. Extremely low, not coping and very very tired.

My sister came around and we set about how to sort me out. Discussed EXACTLY what would make a difference, made a long list. Crossroads came the next day, so I was able to properly state what I needed. Mostly more respite. I now have been given money towards a gym membership, so I can get back to getting some exercise. They are now trying to resource a sitter for S. Got to pay for that! Going to see the incontinence nurse next week to try and sort S's bladder out, if only it's just, good night pads and sleeping pills. (For both of us!)

And finally, FINALLY, to see about getting a dog. Which we have done, a little black puppy arrives in two weeks!!!!

I know, I know, I have gone completely mad! On the positive side, we both desperately need something else in our lives bar PSP! Having a young pup in the house, will bring love, laughter, something to cuddle, share our problems. Give S a new reason to live, something that won't care if he can't talk, can't move around or respond when he should. A dog will just accept him and no doubt will take any excuse to get up for a cuddle, oh and clean the floor up after a meal! Bought tears to my eyes, just seeing S cuddle this little pup yesterday, when we went to view him.

OK, I know it's going to be hard at times. Who do I get to the loo first? Haven't I got enough to clean up, do I need a puppy messing all over the floor, just before S wheels through it!!! The constant tie of having a dog, I know I will curse it on numerous occasions, but I need someone to answer me back, give me a reason to get up in the morning, greet me and something to make me laugh again!

Now we have a future, something to look forward to, having somebody that relies on us to take it out, give it a good life, something apart from PSP!

Surely that's got to be good??????

I am very, very excited!!!!

Lots of love


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  • When we first got PSP we too got a puppy. It was HARD ....what B didn't crash through the puppy chewed on. But it got B out on walks (for a while ) and Though I'm not much of an animal lover , it does give me something else to focus on....maybe you should get a 1 or 2 year old? a puppy is a lot of focus......good luck have fun....


  • Focus is want I need! Thanks, I'm sure we will have a lot of fun!

    Lots of love


  • No, you haven't gone insane, you have found a way to stop you doing so!

    When I have a bad day our dog comes to give me lots of cuddles. You can cry, rant. Whatever and they don't mind.

    I know puppies are hard work in a sense, but it can make being at home a positive. It also makes you go for a walk, whatever the weather, which always makes you feel better.

    Many happy times ahead x

  • Hi Erin, that's the plan. No doubt, it seem such fun in January in the rain!

    Lots of love


  • Oh Heady! I read your post with some relief because although I agree you are probably completely mad, then I am too! I have also been talking of getting a dog and only yesterday emailed a rehoming charity. I am certainly not going into this with rosy spectacles and I DO know how much of a tie/hard work it will be but, like you, I think I need something to focus on that is not PSP related. Recent posts about weight gain also resonated strongly and at least if I am out walking the dog I can't be eating crisps and having another glass of wine! Perhaps it's just another thing to worry about but, on the other hand, if I don't do it now perhaps I never will - carpe diem and all that!

    Hope your puppy gives you both a lot of pleasure Heady.


  • The plan is, the wine and crisps will taste better, because I will have earn it!!!

    Lots of love


  • Bravo, Heady!! I think that's wonderful. Such good arguments for a puppy. I'm sure it will bring you and S lots of comfort and joy. Very courageous of you, anyway. I do so admire you!

  • Oh Heady well done we got a puppy in November and we all love him so much, he is a good boy, when I go out he sits by George's feet, George does not really like dogs, bu he loves Baxter, George when he has he's breakfast saves some for Baxter. It is hard work, but would not be without him, he is a french bull dog, Heady hope you and S have many enjoyable moments. Hope you also feel better soon, I felt like rubbish a few months ago, but and feel better, maybe it is because I had my brother and sister in law over from Cyprus, they went back yesterday, so am feeling sad today.

    Have a lovely week end everyone Yvonne xxxxxxx

  • Hi Yvonne, certainly feel better than I did a few days ago! Nothing like having something to look forward to. The main one being, S having something to cuddle and communicate with.

    Lots of love


  • Thanks Easterncedar! Let's hope my courage is justified!!!

    Lots of love


  • I think it's such a wonderful thing and will help put psp on the back burner for an hour or so now and then while you have to think of something else . A puppy just has to be a pick me up. I leave my husband for 90 mins three times a week while I take my sons puppy out . It's a tonic, yesterday we walked and I cried all the way , who cared , dogs don't ask questions , they love unconditionally.

  • Hi, we always use to have dogs. I'll never forget when I was recovering from an operation, my two were "discussing" me in the kitchen, thought they about to take advantage of me lying on the sofa. When they came charging in, pounced on me and started licking me. Never felt so loved!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh Heady that is a brave but wonderful thing to do. Used to have a dog and there is no doubt that they give you lots of unconditional love and people always like to stop for a chat when you are walking them. Mad but lovely. Xxx

  • Thanks Katie!!!

  • Oh Heady, that's brilliant. I've often thought about it. Those who aren't living with PSP will probably think you are stark staring mad but I say go for it. Our 15 year old Rosie died 4 months before Colin was diagnosed. We filled the gap with guinea pigs! Colin was still mobile, talking etc but many people said something like " Haven't you got enough to think about". They don't realise we want other things to think about. We need a distraction and some normality. We acquired the dog 2 months before our last guinea pig died, I've had them since childhood, so it seemed right to get more when the dog went. They live indoors, talk to me when I walk in the room or open the fridge and sit on Cs lap, but then I do have to keep an eye on them as you don't stroke a guinea pig with quite as much force as a dog.

    I would love a dog though but as I can't leave C alone now, it would only get taken for a walk 3 times a week. I have thought about it and have been very tempted but maybe surprisingly, the main thing that has stopped me is our now insecure garden. We have several gaps in both neighbours fences used by hedgehogs which I watch every night as they feed near my back door. If I fenced the garden in, I wouldn't see them.

    One of my Crossroads sitters has just acquired a now 11 week old Labrador. On Wednesday I asked her how Tatty is and she replied that she is still alive...just. Apparently the pup has pruned all her roses and pulled up all of her bedding plants but she loves her and is so pleased she has her.

    What breed and sex is the pup Heady? Have you thought of a name?

    Do keep us posted and I'm looking forward to hearing all about its antics when it arrives. A daily puppy blog maybe.


  • Hi NannaB, I'm sure i will be writing for help, to keep me calm, most days!!!

    The dog is a black miniature Schnauzer, he is six weeks old at the moment and gorgeous! "Olifant of Teddy Coombe" Ollie for short, will have to be an extremely well behaved dog. He will have to learn very quickly, that life will not always be about him! There will be times, he won't get walked as much as he should, spend time in his cage, out of the normal times. Learn to go and lie down somewhere safe, when S is doing one of his spinning falls!!! In return for that, he will be the most loved and petted dog around! With loads of goodies to clear up off the floor, three times a day!!! S's son asked this morning, how was I going to be able to walk him, with S in his chair or walker. Replied, I haven't a clue! It will be trial and error, lots of naughty words, tears, no doubt, but Hey, nothing good ever comes without a price! just hope it's some thing I can afford!!!!

    Lots of love


  • I'm sure you will have more fun time with him than not and S will probably be given lots of wet kisses if he lands on the floor...by you of course, not Ollie 😆.

    Looking forward to hearing tales of Ollie.

    Lots of Love


  • Hi Heady,

    We got a puppy 5 months ago after losing our other dog to cancer. My husband really needed something to keep him company while I was at work. He said he could take care of her during the day, even though I had my doubts. It was touch and go for a while, and we both decided we're way to old to have a "new baby" in the house, but we lived past the up all night and bad chewing stage. She has been a true gift. She's a German Shepherd puppy, who keeps him company all day and follows him everywhere. She seems to know when to be still and when to be goofy. He said she made him get up when he didn't want to, and his walking improved some at the time.

    You're right about the pup not caring if my husband can talk, or walk...she just enjoys being around him. It's a good choice you've made, just hang in there, the real little puppy stage will pass!!


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