And we think we have problems!

And we think we have problems!

This is my poor baby tonight! Haven't laughed some much in ages!!! You have never seen such a fuss, or lack of spacial awareness! Every time he moves he hits the collar, walking into walls, trees. Have finally managed to get him to pee! The months I have been clearing up after the "sweet soul", now he will only perform on a certain blade of grass, if he can find it!!! Of course, what he hasn't cottoned on to yet, is why he is wearing this funny object and he thinks he has problems now!!! Hope he can't count!!!

Lots of love


Ps all animal lovers, he is OK, anybody who can run to get his food, but then can't walk back is fine in my book!!!

Pps, how do you get the photo around the right way?

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  • Ahhhh! When I read the into before opening the post I thought the "poor baby" was your other half. Thanks for making me laugh.


  • My pleasure, or should I say, Ollie's!!!.

  • Why have you dressed your dog as table lamp ?

  • Oh heady baxter had one of them on when he had to chop, he was exactly the same, I think they have to keep it on for 10 days. I thought like NannaB you was going to say something about S. He looks so cuddly, baxter is quite big, a bit heavy to lift up. Yvonne xxxx

  • Yes, I have been told 10 days! Oh, what fun, 10 days of laughter!!! He stopped being a lap dog, months ago, but tonight he wants his mummy, only she keeps making him get up and walk!,!! Least S knows it's not only him that doesn't get any sympathy!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Some vets put on a sort of baby grow, poor Ollie, but does sound funny 😃

  • Baby grow sounds good!!!

  • 'Cause it's fun! I am re-paying all the hours of clearing up puddles, rescuing my socks, having to mop up S's drinks that have hit the floor, or TRY and save his breakfast/lunch/dinner, from my "poor baby's jaws"

    AND, my sisters dog offered to remove certain parts for free!!!

    Lots of love


  • Ha ha, George!. You made us laugh, really laugh. Thanks!

  • Heady,

    Thought it was your other half as well. Thanks for the laugh :)


  • Did he get neutered or does he just want to emulate the hanging lamp?

  • the former, although I do like the table lamp look!!!

    Lots of love


  • How haute couture the way they color coordinated his cone to his fur color.:)

  • Yes, it matches perfectly!!!

    Lots of love


  • I thought the photo was the right way up!

  • i thoUgHt it was the right weay up heady!thiught you meant S T OO!



  • A furry up light. Just the laugh i needed this morning after the non show of carers. Lucky i can still manage him. Janex

  • Well Don't worry about the shower....roll him over on the bed make sure his bum is sweet....and get on with the day...well it's been 8 hours since you wrote this so I'm sure you've done what you needed to....11:30 am here and B just got up....thot today I'd do the heavy rang spent two hours yaking w a friend. house still filthy and now my attn. has been switched his needs....did get laundry done...!

    so everyone in the UK, I hope youve had and or having a great day.....And you too Mr and Mrs Peter Jones! and a warm shout out to my fellow Americans! hahahah


  • Thanks Heady for the laugh. Relief it was not about S.


  • Poor wee soul, they always look so funny in those collars and try the most ridiculous things that are just not possible with one of those things on!

  • Oh, he is finding a way. Last nights sorrowful look, as been replaced, by "what can I get up to mischief now, look"!!!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks for the laugh Heady! Glad he is better

  • Hey, next time I'm coming back as a dog!!! The vet phoned this morning to check up on Ollie! Asked me questions, was he eating? wound ok? Etc, etc.

    Has anybody had this in the NHS? S didn't even get this from the private hospital, after various knee and back ops!!!!

    Ollie is fine, can now walk through the door, without bouncing off the frame!!! Keep having to remind him, he is NOT meant to jump up and down like a Kangaroo, run around or climb all over the furniture!!! Still he is not allowed to do that anyway, but has never paid any attention to the rules of the house yet!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Looking at the photo, he looks like he's sitting on a cat, presume that's a shadow?

  • That is so sweet

  • Like others I thought the heading was referring to your husband. Looks like you got a real cutie there who would get up to mischief if allowed to! Nanny xx

  • made me laugh!!

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