5th August 1972

5th August 1972

44 years ago Colin and I married, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. We didn't really think what that meant at the time. We knew we wanted to be together til death do us part but we were going to have a happy, healthy life until the end. Well we have had a very happy marriage although there have been some testing times, none more testing than the last 6 years.

I found the last card C managed to sign himself and the one I sent him that year so they will be put up with others we have received. C hasn't been able to go to the hospice for the last two weeks. If he had, I would have taken him somewhere to celebrate but I'll take him to the hospice in the morning as I'm going to lunch with a friend. In the evening another friend is joining me for a Chinese meal and I'm going to mix some Baileys with ice cream for C and we will have a little celebration. Both my brothers and all of our sons and families will be at a family wedding in Yorkshire so it's good to have friends who can join us and help drink the wine. We will toast you all so crack open a bottle and join us if you can.


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  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Bev and Colin!

    What a handsome couple you make . I would love to share in what C is having... Baileys and ice cream...yummy! May ya'll have many wonderful times together as you celebrate your 44th!


  • Thanks AVB


  • Beautiful picture! Remember the good times and enjoy your moments of peace.

    We will be married 55 years a month from today and it so sad to feel love slipping away.?i am a nag, a pain in the ass, annoying and no longer the woman he loves. It will be 10 months next week since he put me away somewhere in that tangled web in his brain. I don't see anything good happening.

    I feel for you.


  • You may still be somewhere in that tangled web. I read our cards to C today and showed him the picture I posted. There was a faint smile on his open mouth and his eyes sparkled. The man I married is still there. I hope something similar happens for you.


  • What a VERY sweet picture! He is handsome and you are lovely, and your smiles are brightening this room 44 years later. Well done, both of you, finding each other and keeping the love alive. Happily ever after doesn't last as long as we imagine when we are children, and for many of us it's a blink, if we are lucky or smart enough to find any of it at all. It takes work and commitment to get so much, and I'm happy for you. Hugs to you both. Love, ec

  • Thanks Ec. Big hugs to you too.


  • What a beautiful picture. Enjoy your plans to celebrate your love. Hope you both have a happy day x

  • Thank you. It's been good so far. I had lunch with a friend and old neighbour I met when we returned from our honeymoon and moved into our new house. Although we moved away 4 years later and she moved from that road, we still meet every few weeks and laugh about he past.


  • Oh how strange, August 5th is the day We married and so today would be 31st we married 1985,second time for both of us.

    So many happy memories many after 2011 when PSP became the addition to our family.

    Des is being buried on 11th August but today two friends are coming to lunch and we will drink to our health and absent friend.

    I start more chemo on the 24th but this time will relax and sleep and cosset myself and get the C beaten well and truly.

    Have a lovely Chinese tonight I will have a glass of Merlot hopefully in the garden while I wait for the hedgehogs,can't put the food down until I see them as next doors cat will eat anything!

    Here's to you Colin and Bev,

    Love Pxx

  • Happy Anniversary to you as well. I say happy as happy memories will hopefully come flooding back so a bitter-sweet day for you. Whatever PSP takes it cannot and won't take our memories away from us. We have loved and been loved and so I am thinking of you today and will be on the 11th. Have your chemo and kick C's arse. I will raise a glass to you, Des, Colin and Bev and as a toast I will think back on my good times and wish everyone involved in this forum strength and happiness. Enjoy tonight. Love Pauline xx

  • Thanks x

  • L, Enjoy your wine in the garden-sounds lovely. I am sorry for your loss. But I am glad you are surrounded by friends who care about you! Wishing you a productive chmo round and rest. Be kind to yourself during this difficult period.

    Best you you and humongous hugs:)

    xo Jayne

  • Sending you an extra special hug P. I'm so pleased you have friends to be with you today and hope you managed to laugh a bit or better still, a lot. I'll be thinking of you especially on 11th and hope all goes as you would like it to. Also on 24th. Now is the time for you to think only of you. I hope you are able to relax and give yourself time to get better.

    Take care.

    Lots of love.


  • Hi P. I hope you enjoy your wine and memories with the hedgehogs. My hedgehogs are rather partial to prawn crackers.

    So i raise my glass to you wishing you peace and a return to health. Janexx

  • Hi Pat, just wishing you find strength for 11 August and hoping all goes well on 24th. Take care and do cosset yourself.

    Sending you love,

    Nanny857 xx

  • Congratulations to you both! A truly beautiful photograph you both look amazing!

    Sending you lots of love and of course I'll have a lil 🍷 with you to celebrate, it would be rude not too!! 😍


  • Thanks, I'm very pleased you are joining us .

    Cheers to you.


  • Happy anniversary .

  • Thanks


  • Congratulations! Good that you have friends to celebrate with, I will raise a glass to you both later 🍷🎈🍷🎈

    Happy anniversary

    Love Debbie xx

  • Thank you Debbie.



  • Thank you Maddy. I hope you are doing OK and have found life can be good after PSP


  • Dear NanaB. Yes life is good after PSP, it takes time to adjust to "normal" and I miss him dearly. I'm grateful to have my health and try not to forget how quickly this can be taken away. When reading your messages I realise how much of the PSP life I have forgotten, just remembering the good bits. Take care, lots of hugs Maddy 🍷

  • Congratulations. - happy anniversary.

    It was our silver wedding anniversary last month - a date I didn't honestly think we would ever make. Our children and friends bought us lovely flowers and pink champagne - but a card from Paul bought and signed by our daughter and not even a "Happy anniversary" from Paul to me. I am so pleased Paul is still here with us, and I am so grateful for so many things but a day like this brings it all crashing down home xx

  • It's hard isn't it Sharon. A couple of years ago I had a card like yours, bought and signed by one of our sons. It's good to have family who want to make it better for us. I told our boys not to bother about buying any more cards as I've saved Cs last anniversary, birthday and Valentines cards that he managed to sign himself in his wonky spider writing. C can't say anything to me but I know he would if he could.


  • What a lovely couple you make! Congratulations on your anniversary.

    I have put up a frame which holds several photos and filled it with some of the proofs of our wedding day. ( With two tiny ones of our three children.) It reminds me of happier times that we have enjoyed during our 48 years.

    I do hope you have a good day. Colin is very blessed to have you beside him.

    Sending a massive hug. God bless you both. X

  • Thanks Robbo 1. Hooray for photographs for jogging lovely memories.

    A big hug for you too.


  • Nanna, what a great shot! I love the bell sleeves on your dress. So Happy Anniversary to you. I too recently put Wedding pictures out.You are certainly honoring your Wedding vows,

    Take care and enjoy your friends and Family.

    Much love.

    Jayne GC

  • Thanks Jayne.


  • congratulations!!!!!!

  • congratulations!!!!!!!

  • Thank you Julie.


  • why don't we all have a day when we put our wedding pics on? its a bit techy but i am sure we all have someone who can do it for us.


  • Please do! I'd love to see them!

  • You both look great.

    Yes, on that lovely day that was the last thing in our minds too.

    So glad you have some positive thing planned :)

    Wise move. I will remember that when my time comes.

    I hope the day is the best it could be.



  • Thanks Kevin. Colin has just enjoyed his ice cream and Baileys and is now attached to the PEG pump. I told the staff at the hospice that it was our anniversary and when I went to collect him, was told he had congratulatory kisses from all the female staff. There are a lot of them so I think he had a good day.


  • And now its your turn!

    Enjoy :)

  • What a beautiful picture .happy anniversary xx

  • Thanks Doreen.


  • Happy Anniversary... cherish those 44 years and the more to come... regardless of the circumstances.

  • Yes I will Tim.


  • Congratulations Colin and Bev! Love the picture, didn't realise you could marry that young, knowing full well I was a child, when I got married the first time!

    Will certainly be raising a glass with you both tonight. Enjoy your Chinese.

    Lots of love


  • I was talking about the age we got married to my friend today. She was married at 19 and it's her 45th this year. Her reason was the same as mine....we couldn't "wait" any longer and both her mum and mine had said we would be thrown out of the house if we came home pregnant. I won't tell you what my mum said she would do to Colin but it involved a pair of shears.


  • Unfortunately/fortunately my mother got there too late! My son was quite premature!!!

    To think now, your children have to old enough to be bridesmaids/page boys, before it is acceptable to walk down the aisle. The card makers are going to go out of business, nobody will make these sort of anniversaries any more.

    Cheers Bev, hope you had a good evening!

    Lots of love


  • Lots of prem babies in those days. My friend who I was with yesterday had a honeymoon baby. She was praying all through her pregnancy that it wouldn't be born early as no one would believe her. He was 2 weeks late.


  • Yeah, my Mum suffered that, she was married 27/3, I was born 24/12. My grandfather never believed her. Funny how it was HER fault and Dad was the perfect angel!!! Still some things never change.

    Lots of love


  • I wanted a honeymoon baby but Colin said we had to wait two years to get a bit of money saved up before I left work. Mark was born on 4th August, the day before our 2nd wedding anniversary. When he was a little boy he was a bit confused and was convinced he was born the day before our wedding, which is what he told lots of people including his teachers at primary school.


  • Happy Anniversary to both of you, enjoy your evening, hope Colin enjoys his bailyes and ice cream. Your dress is beautiful such a lovely bride, and very handsome bridegroom. We have been married 48 years, I was young when we married just 18. Tried my dress on the other day, could not get the zip up xxxxxx

  • Another young bride. See my reply to Heady. I tried my dress on near our 30th anniversary. The top of my leg then was very near my waist size at the time of our wedding. The last time anyone wore my dress was our youngest son when he was 8! We have had anniversary parties for our 25th and when there was a zero in the number and I got my dress out of the loft each time but couldn't get it on.

    Colin loved his Baileys and ice cream.


  • Happy Anniversary to both of you! I have only just seen this as posts are no longer coming into my inbox. I thought it was funny that there had been no posts for two days and now I have found them all by logging in to Healthunlocked. I wonder if it has anything to do with the spam we have been getting recently.

    Anyway I was thrilled to find your lovely picture. You both look so happy. You haven't changed!

    Hope you have a lovely evening.

    Vicki xx 🍷🍨💞

  • I am laughing at "you haven't changed". If only....


  • No really!!!!

  • So sweet. Happy Anniversary!!!!!


  • Thanks.


  • Happy Anniversary Colin&Bev have a nice day and a drink of Bailys with ice cream maybe with a little smile 😀 For each other. Nettie

  • Happy anniversary to you both, ill raise a glass to you both. Takecare xx

  • Happy anniversary to you both.. Janexx

  • Boy, you really were a stunning couple, happy anniversary. Baileys and ice cream sounds yummy, hope Colin enjoyed it and you enjoyed your Chinese meal and meeting up with friends

    Lots of love


  • We have had a lovely day despite everything. Colin got congratulatory kisses from all the female staff at the hospice and I've had two meals I didn't have to cook. The ice cream and Baileys went down very well and I toasted everyone on this site with a couple of glasses of red wine. If I want to get into that dress again the diet will gave to resume tomorrow.


  • Sorry, Bev. I've been off-line for a couple of days as I have driven up to Yorkshire but have now got my dongle going and find I have missed your anniversary.

    What a lovely picture and you do look the same !!!

    Glad you had a good day and Colin enjoyed his icecream. Its just that it isn't as expected, is it ? I do admire your ability to make the best of things. Seeing the picture of Colin let me glimpse your loss.

    Love and a hug, Jean x

  • Thank you Jean. I could have been in Yorkshire today for a family wedding. All our boys and my brothers are there and they said they will FaceTime me later.

    I hope you have a good time and enjoy seeing your family. I think you have good weather today. The reception is in a marquee in a farmers field so all guests have been told to wear suitable footwear. Photo's in welly boots would be interesting. May the sun shine on you all in that lovely county.

    A big hug to you two too.


  • The weather has been superb here. Hope it was for your family wedding. It has been lovely having our youngest son and his children. He is having a horrendous marriage break-up and its been so good for them all to chill. Because of Chris ' problems I booked them bed/breakfast round the corner and it worked out really well. So we all had more space and a very happy holiday/ Good memories !!!

    love, Jean x

  • So pleased you are having a good time. Our eldest son and his family are coming in a couple of weeks and they are staying in the local hotel. It is easier isn't it.

    Our daughter in law face timed us as the bride and groom came out of the church. I have to admit it made me cry but it was very quick. The groom did see me on the phone and said he wished we were there then they had gone. I couldn't tell you what the bride was wearing apart from it being Ivory. I expect I'll see lots of photo's soon. One of my brothers rang last night. He and his wife never got there. They both gave a stonach bug, D&V. They had booked a cottage for a week near Skipton so they are very disappointed but may go up for a couple of days if they improve soon.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have fun with the children. It's so hard seeing our own children upset isn't it. It's good your son can relax with you both and hope you get to relax a bit as well.

    Lots of love


  • Yes. I feel I am doing my bit to support him.

    Staying nearby is definitely good for everyone. I'll do it again, It just works,

    Its hard not being there for a family occasion. I so enjoy catching up with family and feeling part of it. Its especially important as we get older. They are really wanting to include you, aren't they ?

    love, Jean x

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