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Electric riser bed

Advice again from those further down the awfull road than us! I know (hope) ultimately F will be provided with a hospital bed. But clearing my parents house there is an almost new electric bed, which we seem unable to give away, F says he doesn't want it, (possibly because it's single) but as he is 'progressing' so rapidly, and finding it increasingly difficult to sit up in bed, would I be silly to get rid of this bed? Any advice please

Love and hugs to everybody

Debbie x

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Well he probably will need an electric hospital bed sometime in the future and will also have to come to terms with single beds - quite a big step I know. But when you really need it the OT will arrange for it to be provided so it's probably not vital that you keep the one you've got if he's not ready for it yet.

D quite likes his now and finds it the most comfortable place to be.

Vicki x


If it's easy for you to transport and you can't give it away I don't see any harm in using it until, as you say, you need a hospital bed. It will also get him used to using a single bed so it may make it easier for him when he does get a hospital bed. I bought single beds before we got the hospital bed and the only reason I didn't get an electric one was the expense. The OT looked into getting a mechanism which lifts the head end of the bed but our new mattress was too deep and I was told the mechanism would ruin it after a while. After I had bought the single beds, my dad died, leaving a perfectly good electric bed but I didn't have it as by then, the need for a hospital bed was getting nearer. A year earlier and I would definitely have taken it.



Thank you for that, it's sort of how I feel, if it makes things easier for a while, and I think I could get it transported easy enough

Love Debbie x


Hi Debbie, our OT has given us an elk pillow, which helps S sit up and keeps him raised during the night. We also have a fabulous mattress to stop bed sores. I haven't slept so well in years!!!

As to your bed, I suppose, if you have somewhere to store it, without causing hassle, keep it. Fred might decide to use it later. Like NannaB said, when the time comes, the OT will provide a hospital bed. I certainly wouldn't force Fred out of his bed, until you have no choice. Our loved ones have so much taken away from them, leaving the marital bed, should be the last resort!

Lots of love



Yes I know and I don't want to take that away from him. I could store, and almost certainly will have to move house, so don't really know about future needs, I could always get another single and push together, we slept in ba lovely bed on holiday that was 2 singles pushed together!,

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I agree Heady,xthat should be a last resort . May x



We went for the Invacare 'hospital' bed Invacare is a quality make.

They do a 4' wide Bariatric bed too. L always liked loads of room. Carers don't like this as it is further to reach when two carers are working together. But by the time you need that you will have a hospital bed anyway. Their beds have nice beech wood ends.

BTW we have the cheaper one... Which is the quality found in the best of residential homes. The expensive one is nearer hospital quality... not needed IMO.

Mattress - they do a foam mattress which is approved for bed sore prevention. It is at the standard one bellow a fully air pumped system (and yes they do an air pumped system too. Their mattresses are covered in a high tech material which is waterproof and which does not feel rubbery / plasticy and it breathes. The cover meets health standards for wiping down with disinfectant to prevent cross contamination between patients... should you ever decide to be a hospital ;)

L uses it to help her stand in the morning. She puts her feet over the side and raises ot up until she slips off already standing. At might she raises it and then parks her botton on the edge and then lowers herself off her feet.

Hope this helps - good luck


If it ain't broke...keep It!

There are several spouses who sleep in other rooms due to their mates nocturnal issues. And too, I don't think you can buy a queen sized hospital bed!

Keep it, store it, use it when he needs it....

Not there yet either



Keep it. I have one it is a double though. It was my mother-in-law's. I resisted the idea at first. You can raise the head or the feet just like a hospital bed... which I think you can only get as a single. We purchased a portable bed rail that fits between the mattress and the electric "box spring". My OT is satisfied with it.



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