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Hi everyone my partner has gone into nursing care for a couple of weeks and Im told they will be delivering a new hospital style bed to our flat and that I must get rid of the double bed to make room. Does this mean without sounding stupid that I must buy single bed bedding ie sheets duvet etc and I am finding it difficult to find someone who will take the old bed away.

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  • Good News, I know that in Toronto they do not take used beds sor sanitary reasons, but if we leave it on the curb the garnage collectors willt ake it. If you are unable to do this maybe you could call your municipality and ask if they can send someone over to help.

    I also assume that ou will have to buy bedding for both beds....

    good luck

  • How many bedrooms is your flat....I'm sorry don't know much about flats....but if you have another room...put your bed in there!.....Two choices:

    1. Get a single to sidle up to the new hospital bed....not a great plan as you will be a a half a meter below him

    2. You continue to sleep on your old bed when you move it into new bedroom....another new reality to embrace......sleeping in separate bedrooms....

    We haven't got there yet, but I am grappling with this future issue myself....

    Good luck, ....Keep us posted


  • Hiya we already sleep apart we have 2 bedrooms both with double bed so 1 has to go, luckily a friend of mine has a trailor and has offered to take the bed away hooooray problem solved thank goodness xxx

  • Whew! Problem solved....

    well speaking of another problem.....I was just making Banana Bread . Recipe tells to whip shortening (It's avery old recipe) with sugar and combine that with the mixed dry ingredients one being baking soda . So I put all dry ingredients together and dutifully combined that with the wet stuff. As I was mixing the concoction, I noticed strange lumps....about the size of a small ...strange lump...I don't know! upon investigating I found that they were balls of baking soda!!! all throughout my bread mix.......I did not sift my ingredients like the recipe said ...nowadays don't really have to .....i thought........What made it even more difficult was that the smashed bananas were also about this size easy plucking of soda rocks.....So I took a spoon of mixture out at a time and rewhipped till rocks were dissolved.....I hope....If not, then my bread will double as a healer of indigestion ...(You know a little club soda in water supposed to help with indigestion...oh well)...I can just hear my son now, "A Little on the salty side this time mom..." will probably be the only 'compliment' I get ....

    My pies were a disaster; now my bread?.....I'll tell you what , that pre baked store bought stuff lookin like the only answer these days!!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day and I think you do have to buy specific sheets to cover a hospital bed.....keep me updated on that too!


  • Yes buy single bedding for the new bed, I hope it's an air mattress? X

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