Good While it lasted

hi everyone, well it was shortlived and now Des is back to -1 I think.He cannot say a word uses thumbs with lots of prompting and has not had solid food for days.He has lived on tea icecream and jelly with a little enhanced drink but they create too much phlegm.I have been looking at supermarket on line sites for Symingtons table jelllies, I used to give them to my sons as babies and when they got tonsilitus.Assume they are now extinct.Seeing PSP doc Friday if Des is strong enough. My last blood test indicate I might have problems too, Scan on Thursday to find out if C is back growing.

Only one bright spot our hedgehog brought a friend to supper last night. Plenty of half eaten blended meats and fish for them to enjoy together!

love to all psp sufferers and carers Pxx

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  • Oh, I am sorry. I hope your scan goes well on Thursday. I'll be thinking of you. Love, Ec

  • Hi again, there was a very interesting interview with the husband of British wife held in Iran in the Guardian on Saturday or Sunday. Sorry it took me so long to let you know I had a very busy weekend, but am sure you will find it. Much more detail about her imprisonment, none of it good.


  • Thanks, Pat. I'll check it out. Yeah, Evin prison isn't a place good news comes from.

    I hope your being busy is good, and that you are taking good care of yourself these days. Love, ec.

  • Yes me too thinking of you xxx

  • I'll be thinking of you on Thursday and hope you are OK. It's good you have hedgehogs. I've had them visiting every year for some time, until this year that is. They were killed by the dogs a few doors away. I was very upset.

    In my thoughts and prayers, both of you.


  • Me too, Good luck.

    Jean x

  • Thanks for all replies,

    We had a hedgehog really early and despite getting it to a rescue centre it died then another one turned up very early, the rescue centre kept it for about three weeks and would have brought it back but it died from liver disease probably eating too many of my boozy recipes.they are happy to eat meat i have put through the processor my cat is very scornful if I offer it to her.We live at the end of a cul de sac so no racing cars outside and just one little dog who is wary of their spines.

    Glad of all this sport on TV helps to entertain Des,

    Love to all Pxx

  • Hope all goes well on Thursday for you, I will be thinking of you. Lots of love, Nanny857 xx

  • Oh my thoughts and prayers are with you. good luck on Thursday

  • Hi, S's good spell didn't last long either. Although is still trying to communicate in some sort of fashion and getting frustrated with me because "I'm thick and stupid" because I don't understand what he is trying to write!!! Funny he managed to get that out and not what he was trying to write!!! Hey ho!

    Really hope that your tests go well on Thursday!

    Lots of love


  • L, Loved the hedgehog scenario! Nice you can find small pleasures in the midst of this horrible disease. I hope your scans are ok. I too recently had health issues. Luckily a false alarm but very alarming. I just kept thinking, who will take care of him if I can't? Hang in there and my prayers are with you.

    Bestm JGC

  • I know I need to be there for him so I will survive!!!

  • Thinking of you and your hubby, I hope that your scan is a thumbs up. Blessing. Nettie

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