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Holiday disaster with PSP

Booked Mexico holiday last October, my wife diagnosed with PSP in May 2014. We though we shall continue with the Holiday. My wife also recovering from throat cancer and has breast cancer currently being treated with Hormone tablets. First problem was meal on plane - not as soft as we asked, my wife was violently ill throughout the 9hr flight. She is also wheelchair bound now due to PSP and falls etc. 2nd problem, she fell while being supported by my holding on to a large parasol - the base damaged my leg leg and as I an a diabetic I suffer from leg ulcers, and hey presto I get one due to the trauma. 3rd problem - due to heat and local food, she contracted Gastro Enteritis - which resulted in a GBP 1300 bill in a local private hospital. I am drained, I am younger than my wife by 8 years and still have to work while being her main carer. To be honest I believe PSP was there for last 3 or more years years but the Cancer masked it. I have now read PSP advice never to book a holiday too early due to unforeseen and uncertain health of the PSP sufferer. We dare not travel abroad again - my wifes health has dropped a level again as she now has a constant gurgling cough. Can anyone advise of any places local to Liverpool that accept people with PSP for Holidays and can support their needs ? I know I also need a respite break for myself anyway.....

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Hi G1956,

It's such a shame that your holiday went so badly when I am sure you were both looking forward to it. Have you contacted Social Services to talk about respite care? They are possibly the best place to go in the first instance and may well have information about accessible holidays in the area too. Failing that a local disability association might be able to give some advice on the holiday front. I have just been on Google and found this too -

It might be worth investigating if this is suitable for your wife.

Best wishes




we are going to chigwell soon, and I hope it works out, problem is it will cost 1000. othrwise surely you qualify for local social services to help with respite.

youve been unbelievably brave trying your holiday. we went to eastbourne ca 50 miles got a pneumonia on day one and went to hospital. After that very wary of travelling anywhere.

good luck, do look after yourself



Hi,I'm so sorry for what your going through,go to her doctor,he will put you in touch with adult social care,and everyone else you will need,I cared for my dad with psp he passed away in I have my mum who is end stage kidney / cancer,and my doctor has been amazing getting me everything I need,good luck xxx


Dear Robin20, I just want to say, whilst you are fortunate having such a caring doctor, it is you that is amazing and deserve all the help you need. Best wishes, Jerry.


Vitalise seems very good - I know people who have gone there.

it is good for patent and carer.

thinking about you and you wife


You've had a really tough time trying to have a happy holiday. Just another example of how difficult this disease can be on patients and caregivers. You can still holiday just not too far from home. Stay strong for your wife, she needs your strength. Hugs, Jimbo


Thankyou jerry good luck in everything you do x


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