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Sending you prayers

I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through. My husband constantly is looking for things or asking me when we are going home (we are home) or when we are going out. I find the best way to handle this is to agree with him. Most of my answers consist of "later, I'm a bit tired right now" or "that's a good idea. We'll do it later". He usually forgets when it is later. Just an idea....... Is your husband a veteran? They do have some benefits you might want to look into. We live in the U.S. and for example my husband gets a discount on his day care.

I will be thinking of you and hoping today is better.

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I do the same thing with my beloved. She does a lot of that "crazy talk", which sometimes is due to an active UTI, but otherwise I think it is a characteristic of this disease. I really hate lying to her, but sometimes she's adamant that she wants to do something, like go upstairs in our home. Only thing is, it's a single story. We do have a lakehouse cabin that we go to on most weekends and it is a two-story. So at times, I think she gets confused on where she is. The other think I hate doing is just agreeing with her when I can't understand a word she is saying. I either nod or tell her "that's right darling". Hopefully I'm not agreeing to anything inappropriate.

I sure do hate this disease.



My husband is a veteran, but he is not a war-time veteran. He was on a US sub for 7 years. And, spent 2 years at nuclear power school. It was 1978-1986. They say that is not war time and will not give him any benefits.

My son and father-in-law are war-time vets. Go figure. It just skipped over my husband. My father in law got 1400. a month from VA for sitter/nursing home cost. He was a World War 2 fighter pilot. My son has done 3 tours over in the war area in the past 6 years. He works with computers, and he never had to fight.


Thanks 259Ollie

I'm afraid I have a lot to learn about all this but I believe I am in the right place. Is the dementia a result of CBD or PSP. How long are you along since first diagnosis?

Thanking you thinking and prayers for you and husband

Take care

No my husband is not a veteran

Thanks Djmoore60


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