Shock in the night

F woke me at 2.15am, can you help me? I've broken my back, that's why I'm laying like this,( top half in bed, legs on floor. ) I've tried to lift his legs into the bed but it hurts too much, I'm thinking omg, I know I've got a lot on my mind and knacked, but how could I have slept through this what on earth could have happened. , I've got to do 999 and I'll get accused of neglect!!! He didn't know what he'd done or what had happened. Anyway long story short I eventually got him up and sorted, he went back to sleep, I was awake till the alarm went off, and I still don't know how he broke his back!

Could have been worse!!

Love to you all



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  • Oh dear! I hope tonight is better. The paramedics would not have accused you of neglect. C ended up like that so rather than hurt my back lifting his legs, I lowered him to the floor and then dialled 999. I told them what I had done and they said always call them rather than risk straining my back. The number of 999 calls also provided evidence of continuing health care needed.

    Sleep well tonight.


  • It was the fact I thought I was oblivious to him having some terrible accident! But thank you for reminding me, F still early stages!?!?! But I have had to call paramedics once, but I should note it, otherwise it will all creep up on me and I'll have no records.

    I know I probably don't show my appreciation, but I always take your advice on board knowing how much you have travelled the psp road, and you do it so brilliantly, I wish i could have just a fraction of the inspiration you have


    Debbie xx

  • Oh my! You don't need to show appreciation. When I first joined this site Colin was still not too bad and I learnt so much from others who were more experienced. I'm still learning.


  • I'sn't that the truth DA? Bev is able to use such wise words that help me all the time. How is F's back today? How's your back? It sounds like he was sleeping and dreamt his back was broken. Could next time , you make sure he is awake? This way he will be able to help himself....and maybe you could get some sleep!


  • There must have been something going on at that time! I was still wide awake, heard a bit of a noise, so looked up, yes, like you said, S was lying with his back on the bed and feet on the floor. Tried all sorts of ways to move him. In the end just lowered him onto the floor and he had to move around to get up. Funny thing was, I had to wake him up to do all this!!! Course, that was my nights sleep gone. It was the second night in a row for me, hope it's not setting a new trend, hospital bed will be whizzing it's way to us, if so! Plus night care, perhaps that will solve the non arrival of evening care!

    Hope we both get a peaceful night!

    Lots of love


  • Hi there - in response to the messages re your other half 'falling out of bed" thought I would add my two bobs worth here and say that PSP can act in ways unknown to us when we are asleep and I had 2-3 falls out of bed last year. My husband (understandably) was becoming increasingly more anxious re me, so we went down to the medical equipment supplier and bought a bed rail - it is quite short but is has been amazing in that the number of times when I turn over during the night, I end up very close to the rail - so I hate to think how many times I could have fallen out of bed without it being there.

    Hope everyone in the Northern hemisphere is now sleeping really well!!

    XXXX Bindi

  • Yes I bought B a rail too! it's rather short but it does the more falling out of bed...I had to have one of my sons friends cut the legs off as our bed is on the floor and does not stand as high as the rail did....

    He has since to fall out of bed and it helps him to stand when he is awake.


  • What a fright for you both, this disease certainly likes to test you to your limits. Pleased it wasn't a broken back for real but is a stark reminder of what could happen. Scary or what! I hope you've managed to catch up on some sleep now, it is exhausting just being on red alert all of the time isn't it. Keep on keeping on as they say. Love Kate xx

  • Hi

    Don't know if this is of any use but my mum had CBD and in the early stages at night she would have very vivid dreams she was in a boat, on a train etc and seemed to get confused at night she'd often try to get out of bed (mid dream) even though in the day she was ok.

  • Yes my husband does seem to wake up in the night confused but is not confused during the day

  • Debbiann, just saw this post but had to reply. I once fell asleep watching TV in another room when the dog woke me up growling. I thought he need to go out but when I got up I discovered my husband on the kitchen floor on his back. Now mind you, he cannot walk at all unassisted and the kitchen is a good distance from the bedroom!

    The doctor said he was sleep- walking and awoke when he tripped and fell! The worst part about it was he was close to the door. I felt awful. But it happens. He also get confused at night and is pretty aware during the day. Sometimes at dusk when overtired he gets anxious and confused. I think the term is,"sundowning" and is typical with neurological diseases. So don't beat yourself up. Besides someone who bakes such beautiful cakes cannot be all that bad:)


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