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My first post on here. My Mum got diagnosed with CBD recently after years of trying to get help and an answer to what was happening to her. She recently spent 5 weeks in hospital and has deteriorated alot.  We need to get a reasonable priced electric bed as she can longer push herself up into seated position with her one arm. She doesn't want to a hospital bed which carers suggested asking for from DN next week when they come for first visit. 

Can anyone recommend a good bed they have experience of?  Preferably a double but depends on price. 


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  • Hi

    Please get the neuro team or GP to get you a hospital bed!

    They are NOT ugly and serve the purpose very well!

    My dad has a single hospital bed and my mum has a single bed right next to it!

    Don't waste your money buying one if your in the UK


  • Hi thanks for replying. I think she doesn't want reminder of this horror of hospital stay by having hospital bed in home and says they look ugly.  Will see what battle I have with GP on getting one. Not seeing neuro until June. 

  • What? 

    Do you not have a neuro team????

    Please reassure your mum the bed isn't ugly and not like the beds in hospital

    These have pine headboards and a pine end to them

    And once the covers are on you can't even tell the bed is different and more importantly if it helps, have one!! X

  • Oh wow didn't realise they have headboards!  No not seen neuro as out patient yet.  Mum only recently moved in with me so having to get all referrals done and diagnosis was given when she was inpatient. 

  • I've sent you my email

    I want to send you pics of bed x

  • Thank you so much. Really has helped her to see one visually. 

  • The occupational therapist has arranged the delivery of most of our equipment.


  • I've sent an email to the OT as I think this is the way to go and for the longer term. 

  • That system worked for my wife and I and the big advantage of a hospital bed is that the height can be varied as well as the contour.  One further benefit is they also take an air mattress when the need arises.  How they look, and it's not that bad, pales into insignificance compared with the comfort and convenience afforded.  I would thoroughly recommend one if the opportunity arises.

    Kind regards Jerry.

  • DN us ordering us a bed now. Think Mum is just so distressed at how rapidly she has deteriorated following hospital stay she would not entertain idea of a bed but has now agreed and says will best for all of her,  agency carers and me. 

  • I echo what Satt2015 says.  An ordinary bed doesn't raise the whole mattress and unfortunately the time will come when she will need to have more help and from experience I can tell you it is back breaking for the carer if they have to work at a low level.  The hospital beds are better than they used to be to look at.  My husband has an air mattress on his now, he didn't to start with, and it's like sleeping on a water bed. It helps stop pressure sores.  The bed also raises in many different ways. I can put a slide sheet under my husband, lift the foot end and then he easily slides up the bed  ready for me to sit him up.  We had the hospital bed upstairs for over a year before my husband could no longer sit on the stair lift.  Some won't take the beds upstairs. Our delivery chap said it was no problem but they refused to bring it back down.  No problem. It all came to pieces so my son brought it down easily and the the chap put it together again.

    Has your mum got a grab rail on her bed which goes under the mattress and up the side of the bed. That helped my husband a lot as he was able to grab it and pull himself up.  Raising the bed on risers also helps get into a standing position once sitting on the edge.

    If it upsets your mum at the thought of a hospital bed and she won't be persuaded, I'd go with her wishes but unfortunately, I think she will have to change beds eventually.


  • Are you able to use the slide sheet by yourself?  

    After reading all the replies to Mum she is now more open to it.

    Sound like they are a godsend. 

  • Yes, I couldn't turn C without one.  As the two layers of slippery fabric slide against each other, if C is on top of it, I just pull the top layer and C slides towards me. It's very easy.


  • Same story as ours would never manage without all the aidswe now have . 

  • We had hospital bed delivered quite quickly, referred by neuro team. They put it upstairs and said, when necessary, they would bring it down. Agree with nannaB that its useful to raise in so many ways.

    Its quite acceptable, and long, for a 6 footer like my husband.

    love, Jean x

  • Thank you for your reply. I will definitely be getting on the case for this next week after the bank holiday.  I've told Mum all your replies and she is now more open to it. 

  • Hi Jean, I hope to go to the PSPA meeting next Wednesday. Will you both be able to go?  I don't want to cancel the sitter so will leave Colin with her.

    Love Bev


  • Unexpectedly Chris is going in for respite on Tuesday. So we will not be going on Weds. [ I am going to visit son ]

    Can we meet following week ?

    Love, Jean x

  • Wow! What a brilliant reason not to go.  The following week will be fine.  Thursday 12th is the best day for both of us but I could come on my own on Wednesday.  Either of those days any good for you.

    Love Bev


  • Seeing Parkinson nurse Thursday but could do Weds. Usual time and place ? Will be good to catch up.

    love, Jean x

  • Brilliant, see you on Wednesday 11th.  Enjoy your break away.

    Love Bev


  • x Jean 

  • hi contact your ot rog has just had a smashing bit of kit from them which raises the head of his bed electronically.

    julie x

  • You nèd to get the O.T to visit and do a survey of needs. Get in the system. Peter.

  • District nurse popped in quickly yesterday to drop of something so once had her asked about a bed. She is ordering one which will be processed on Tuesday due to bank holiday.  She said hopes she can get it here by end of week.  She is coming back on Wednesday to do out first proper appointment and assess stuff for toilet issues.  She was lovely 😀

  • We had ours through district nurse and air mattress eventually which has so improved the sore bottom

    Waiting for the air cushion for his chair now .

    Yesterday I took a bed topper of the spare bed and cut it to fit his chair it's help a lot .     Get all the AIDS you can you won't be sorry 

  • Yes I hope to get all I can as things have moved downhill quite alot recently.  Hopefully won't take to long now the DN is involved. 

  • Where r u living 

  • Shropshire,  uk

  • Good. You are in the system !! Welcome !!

    love, Jean x

  • Glad you are getting a hospital bed but make sure you get a full profile be die one which can raise head and feet independently this will stop her sliding down the bed.  If you can get full length side rails otherwise use a chair at the gap saves falls.  You sound as though your DN is getting what is required she may be able to get your mum help from other professionals, OT and social Services.  Also possible night sitters from Marie Curie for your relief.

    Good luck Tim

  • Hi Tim. I contacted Marie Curie myself the other week and was told they only do night sitting as end of life stage.  Night sitters would be a god send though right now as I have to sleep with her. 

  • Hi ask your DN to request them as PSP is a terminal condition and as such meets Marie Curie criteria well it does in N Wales.  The other group of sitters are provided by Carer Trust "crossroads" google them and find local group, they can provide sitters for a morning or afternoon once or twice a week.  Ask DN as she may be able to help get in touch.

    Do not give up, keep asking.  Best wishes Tim

  • Thanks Tim. I will ask DN when she comes on Wednesday.  Not sure how Mum would be about having night sitters but I know she is worried about impact on me so I think she would be open to it. . I've seen crossroads mentioned on here and wondered what it was. Will have a look on Google for them. 

  • It varies, Tim. Here the sitters can't come as there is only male sitter and Chris needs toilet help.

    I haven't tried Marie Curie.

    love, Jean x

  • I meant to say - only one male sitter, who isn't available.

    J x

  • Put your name down for the future 

  • I'm on the list !!

  • Hi Spiralsparkle,

    This post only applies if you are in the U.K.

    If you are dead set on getting a non hospital bed then look at Invacare.  They are  well made and are often used in Nursing Homes.

    They have a number of different designs with nice beech veneer headboard and ends.

    I wouldn't even look at domestic beds which raise up.  They don't have all of the functions and the mattresses are basic foam (usually) and no sides to raise up when needed.

    Mattress wise you might want to look at their castellated mattress. These are rated as just one step below the full air blown anti bedsore mattress.  Exceptionally comfy and in a proper washable cover (which does not feel 'plasticky'.)

    We went down this route as they do a Bariatric bed which is 4' wide... nice and roomy.

    Finally. There were equipment grants available from the Social Services through the Self Directed support fund. I am unsure as to whether they are still available.

    Good luck


  • Hi - please reconsider - don't buy your own bed. The DN/OT can provide a hospital type electric profiling bed with a specialist pressure reducing mattress. They aren't ugly, much more compact than those in hospitals. Much better not just for your mam, but also the carers. Perhaps she might consider trying one as 1st option & then if your Mam not happy with it, buy your own. Obviously if it upsets her & she is adamant that she won't try one then you will have to go with her decision.  Seating is also another issue - OT/physio can assess & advise regarding electric raise/recline chairs. There are lots of aids & appliances available. 

    Good luck

  • DN is going to order a bed for us. Have asked for OT assessment as you are right we need something for seating as well to enable to get Mum out of chair. 

  • The OT is the one person who I couldn't manage without 

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